This Modified Maruti 800 Looks Like A Crazy Monster Truck

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 21/04/2020
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While the Maruti 800 used to be a bare-basic hatchback that was, at best, sufficiently powerful, here's a modified iteration that many times wilder and more capable

Maruti 800 was the very first front-wheel-drive car to be launched in the country. It was in the production for more than 31 years, making it the second-longest production run for a car in the country after the Hindustan Ambassador. The owners are still enjoying this minuscule hatchback for the no-nonsense versatility it offers with almost negligible maintenance cost. However, most of them are still in their stock condition, while some have been modified to look like a drop-top cabriolet or a 2-door coupe. But what we have come across is something, which can be best described as extra-terrestrial or amphibious. It can be seen in the video below that this Maruti 800 looks like a crazy monster truck.

This Maruti 800 is owned by Deepraj Chari, and the car is located in Goa. It uses Gypsy’s chassis as the base for this mod job and the body shell of the 800 is now mounted over the ladder frame chassis of the Gypsy. However, it was only possible after certain tweaks to the various components of the architecture were made. The suspension of the car has also been refurbished to support the extra weight of the car and offer some extra travel. This 800 sits on 30-inch Maxxis MT rubber. It has a ground clearance of a whopping 580 mm.

It also uses a custom snorkel that helps it with extra water wading capability. Also, like other expedition-specific builds, it gets a lot of auxiliary lamps. The foglamps on this rig offer cornering function as well. It is powered by the petrol engine of the Gypsy, but with certain add-ons like an aftermarket exhaust and dual-cooling system. It retains the 4X4 drivetrain of the Gypsy, which also offers a low-range transfer case for slow-speed rock crawling.


Maruti 800 Imagined As An EV

This Modified Maruti 800 Looks Like A Crazy Monster Truck

This monstrous Maruti 800 is a real nice amalgamation of a Maruti 800 and Gypsy king.

According to the owner of this monstrous Maruti Gypsy-underpinned 800, the total cost of the modification job was around Rs. 3 lakh, which isn't too much if you consider that ever the most basic off-roader costs three times more However, it should be noted that such extensive modification jobs are not road legal in India. If the car gets noticed by RTO authorities, it might get impounded and the owner will have to pay hefty fines. 

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