Top 3 Affordable Cars with Sunroof in India

by IndianAuto Team | 25/11/2018
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Sunroof is one of the most popular style options for cars nowadays. If you want to have a car with sunroof without breaking the bank, here is the list of affordable cars with sunroof options.

Sunroof has been a luxury car’s exclusive feature until now. In the current state of feature and price race among car manufacturers, if the customers are interested in a particular thing, the manufacturers will come out with that feature in a million variations and prices. Since many people are fascinated with the extra open window in the roof of a car (aka the sunroof), what has been a luxury thing is now entering the non-luxury market and more people can own a car with a sunroof for themselves.

Therefore, thanks to the gruelling competition on the part of the manufacturers, we customers have a broad range of cars to choose from and we can get a lot of interesting features, which includes a sunroof, at an affordable price. Even though sunroof is getting more popular, it is still associated with upmarket cars, so if you ever decide to have this added feature to your car, it is going to look more high-end and luxurious. The options for affordable cars with sunroof are still somewhat limited at the moment, but we have compiled a list of top 4 affordable cars with this luxury feature in India, and these cars do not cost more than 15 lakhs, ex-showroom price.

1. Honda City

Honda City has been one of the best-selling sedans on the market for twenty years ever since its release. To keep up with the trends and maintain the popularity of the car, the latest version of Honda City was given a sunroof among many other interesting and impressive features. Actually, it was the very first car of the midsize sedan segment to get this seemingly luxury feature. There are 7 variants of Honda City that offer a sunroof, which are:

  • Honda City ZX, diesel engine, 25.6 kmpl

  • Honda City CVT VX, petrol engine, 18.0 kmpl

  • Honda City VX, petrol engine, 17.4 kmpl

  • Honda City VX, diesel engine, 25.6 kmpl

  • Honda City CVT ZX, petrol engine, 18.0 kmpl

  • Honda City Anniversary CVT ZX,  petrol engine, 18.0 kmpl

  • Honda City Anniversary ZX,  diesel engine, 25.6 kmpl

The prices of these 7 variants do not deviate so much, ranging from 12 lakhs to 14 lakhs, with the most affordable being Honda City i-VTEC VX (Petrol) which is priced at 11.89 lakhs (ex-showroom) and the most expensive being Honda City Anniversary i-DTEC ZX (Diesel) which is priced at 13.93 lakhs (ex-showroom).


Honda City is one of the best-selling cars in India and it has 7 variants that offer sunroof

2. Honda WR-V

The Japanese automaker offers the most affordable cars with sunroof till date with the Honda WR-V. Like its sibling Honda City, Honda WR-V also dominates the market and is one of the most well-loved cars but in its own segment of crossover. Being a newcomer which was introduced only in 2017, Honda WR-V is one tough competitor to other crossovers. The car comes with loads of features, some of which include multitouch infotainment system, rear camera, and parking sensors. And by some magical power, Honda manages to fit in an expensive sunroof and still keeps the price of the car low. Honda WR-V offers the sunroof feature in two variants, which are Honda WR-V i-DTEC VX (Diesel) and Honda WR-V i-VTEC VX (Petrol). The former costs 10.26 lakhs (ex-showroom) and the latter 9.12 lakhs (ex-showroom).


Honda WR-V was introduced in 2017 and already had a sunroof

3. Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport has been Ford’s main cash cow in the Indian market and it is widely known as the best Compact SUV in the segment. The car is highly praised for its handling quality, which is on par with that of a full SUV. Ford EcoSport makes to our list of safest cars in India in 2018 because it offers a lot of great safety features. Ford EcoSport is one tough competitor against Honda WR-V when it comes to affordable cars with a sunroof. The car manufacturer must have worked really hard to fit the electric sunroof feature in an already feature-laden sub-4 meter SUV and keep the price around the 10 lakh mark. Sunroof is available in four variants:

  • Ford Ecosport Signature Edition Petrol, 1497-cc petrol engine, 17.0 kmpl

  • Ford Ecosport S Petrol, 999-cc petrol engine, 18.1 kmpl

  • Ford Ecosport Signature Edition Diesel, 1498-cc diesel engine, 23.0 kmpl

  • Ford Ecosport S Diesel

The cheapest of these four is the Ford Ecosport Signature Edition Petrol, which has the ex-showroom price of 10.4 lakhs, and the most expensive is the Ford Ecosport S Diesel, which has the ex-showroom price of 11.89 lakhs.


Ford EcoSport is a great affordable sunroof-equipped car with loads of safety features

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