Top 5 Weirdest Car Door Designs of All Time

by IndianAuto Team | 10/01/2019
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Car doors, which just need to be simple enough to open and close, can be innovated in many exotic ways. Let's take a look at the most bizarre car designs of all time.

With some car makers, there are a thousand reasons to keep car doors simple. However, with ambitious car designers, they always seek for exotic placement of hinges to produce infinitive novel door designs. They can rise to the sky, hide underside sills, or even open backwards. Right now, everyone's discussing the Tesla Model X with its intricately contorting Falcon entryways at the back and the touchy electric-opening regular gaps at the front. However, there have been a lot more bizarre entryways in car history: today we take a tour at five super weird car doors.

1. BMW Z1

blue BMW Z1 side view

BMW Z1 could be legally driven with retracted doors

The 1989 Z1 had a generally traditional appearance (if somewhat peculiar around the headlights) convertible with a 2.5-litre inline six which BMW just constructed in left-hand drive. But there was one component that separates it from other models - super-irregular entryways that vertically slid down into the vehicle's chassis. While the car door’s high and wide ledges that made it hard to step in and out of the vehicle, it brought one preferred standpoint of sorts - the gigantic ledges offered free crash protection, implying that the Z1 could legitimately be driven with the entryways down. In spite of the fact that we have no clue why you would need to do that.

2. BMW Isetta

white Isetta angle view

With Isetta, it would be convenient to have the steering wheel attached to the car door

The modest Isetta was a microcar planned and constructed by Italian car maker Iso, also authorized out to various different makers, such as VELAM in France, Rome in Brazil and, obviously, BMW in Germany. The Isetta was well known for various things, including forward-only gears and a front-opening entryway which swung outwards with the controlling wheel stuck to it, which meant you could accidentally trap yourself in the vehicle in the event that you stopped the front excessively near a wall. To make it legitimate for the Isetta to be driven on a bike permit, the UK versions had three wheels only (the rest had four) and a disengaged reverse gear.

3. TVR Cerbera

purple TVR Cerbera angle view

Annoyingly, TVR Cerbera’s car door was full of surprises

Though the Cerbera (and a few different TVRs besides) had traditional entryways, it was the way you opened them that was peculiar. From outside, you hit a button which’s on the door mirror to open while from inside you hit a button on the dashboard. The Cerbera experienced a legendarily terrible electrical system which made opening the entryways an energizing lottery on wheels. Would the entryway open when you needed it to? Would the entryway you really needed to open really open, or would the other one? Would nothing occur by any means? Or on the other hand, would they open when you weren't anticipating that they should?

4. Kaiser Darrin

Darrin sided view

Though looking stunning, the Darrin was not the favourite car of many people

The Kaiser Darrin’s an American sports vehicle launched in 1954, a year after the Chevrolet Corvette. It was extraordinarily costly but beautiful (apart from the peculiarly high shell-formed grille) with some fairly noteworthy "pocket" entryways that slid forward into the vehicle's body. While this was extremely novel and helped Darrin's smooth lines, the sales were so low that even Kaiser merchants were hesitant to order the Darrin.

5. Panthermobile

Panthermobile with cartoon Pink Panther

It’s absolutely designed for Pink Panther lovers

So this was a coincidental vehicle manufactured for the first opening of The Pink Panther Show, yet it had some amazingly unusual entryways on it. Additionally, it was seven meters in length, 1.8 meters in width and splendid pink. While the driver's space was open and had no entryways, the traveller compartment had a huge opening on the right that could be turned down to be a step. Furthermore, a part of the rooftop could swing upwards for simple access. Indeed, simple access if you were lucky to be three feet tall. Or, on the other hand, an animation Pink Panther.

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