Tractor VS Toyota Fortuner VS Mahindra Thar VS Tata Xenon in Tug of War Matches

by Jatin Chhibber | 21/05/2020
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Here we've three different videos, where a tractor is having a tug-of-war competition with three UVs in the form of old Toyota Fortuner, Tata Xenon and Mahindra Thar

Earlier, we’ve covered a lot of tug-of-war competitions between different car and SUVs. Our today’s story is quite different and interesting. Here we’ve three different videos, where one can see a tractor competing against some popular big SUVs. Tractors, as you know, are mostly preferred by people in rural areas but there's no denying the grunt they offer and it's rather interesting to see how it fares against rugged UVs like Toyota Fortuner, Mahindra Thar and Tata Xenon. 

Tractor VS Toyota Fortuner VS Mahindra Thar VS Tata Xenon in Tug of War Matches


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Mahindra Thar vs Tractor

They are mainly used for jobs like carrying goods, cultivation of land, harvesting crops and so on. In all these videos, many of you must be thinking that the tractor can easily beat all these SUVs because of its massive wheels and high low-end torque. Well here are all three videos which will definitely change your mind.

Old Toyota Fortuner vs Tractor

If you’ve watched all three videos embedded with this story, then you must’ve got to know that it’s all about traction. All these SUVs features a four-wheel-drive system, which provides a good grip on tarmac road, while, on the other hand, the tractor is only rear-wheel driven.


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Tata Xenon vs Tractor

Moreover, all these tests were conducted on tarmac roads, we expect the situation to be opposite if all these competitions were done on ploughing fields because tractors are specially made to work on rough and uneven surfaces, and tarmac roads are the un-tractor territory. Furthermore, the big SUVs have a lot of weight on its front wheels, and also more people sitting inside the vehicle increases its weight, which results in offering good traction.

At last, we’ve embedded one more video with this story to show you, how a tractor performs if the same tug of war match happens on a muddy field. In a drag, race traction plays the most part in gripping up the vehicle with the road. Moreover, the selection of a good set of tyres can also help you because using off-road spec tyres on tarmac roads won’t help you at all. So, aits quite essential for a person to know the capabilities of his off-roader.

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