What Happens If The Start/Stop Button In A Moving Toyota Innova Crysta Is Pressed [Video]

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Start/stop push button which allows the car to be started without a key is a common convenience feature in most common cars nowadays. However, what will happen if this button is pushed when the car is moving. Read on to discover.

Most cars these days are equipped with a start/stop button, also known as keyless ignition, which allows the vehicles to be started only with a push of a button and without the use of a key. Some years ago, this feature is strictly limited to premium vehicles, but, now, it has been a common feature in even reasonably-priced cars. Despite its great convenience, have you ever wondered what would happen if this button is pressed in a moving car? The below video, which has been published on it's me BISHNOI Youtube channel, shows different situations in which the start/stop push button is pushed in a running car.

Before going to details, we would like to warn you against copying this. It can cause damage to your vehicle and even tragedies if done improperly. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness rather than encouraging any actions like this. Now, let’s have a look at the video and see what will occur if the start-stop push button is pressed in a moving Toyota Innova Crysta.

The test of pressing the start/stop push button in a moving Toyota Innova Crysta is implemented in two phases

As can be seen in the video, the first phase of the test is done when the vehicle is running at a speed of about 10 -12 kmph. When the button is pushed, nothing transpires except for a warning which appears on the MID: “Push and hold the button for an emergency stop” and three alert beeps. In fact, this is a manual override system equipped in the car to help the engine avoid being shut down immediately if you accidentally push the button. In the case that the driver wants to stop the car, he/she has to push and hold the button for around 3 seconds, which will cause the engine to stop working.

In the next stage, the test is done when the car is being driven at a speed of around 60 kmph. When the button is pushed, what happens is the same as the previous test with a warning coming up on the MID requesting the driver to press and hold the vehicle for a few seconds to stop the engine. After that, the car comes into another run. When the car is running at a speed of about 80 kmph, the button is pressed again, which causes the engine to stop operating when the car is still running. Furthermore, the brakes become less responsive and the steering also gets tight.

All today cars are packed with hydraulic or electric power steering which can become tight when the motor is stopped. The brakes of present cars are also engine powered and can get less efficient if the engine is shut down. So the driver needs to take utmost caution when stopping the motor of a moving vehicle. After the motor is killed, you can hear a long peep sound and a message appearing on the MID: “Shift to neutral to restart the engine”. This means that you need to do shift to neutral driving mode if you want to make the motor as well as the car to consume their normal behaviour.

start/stop push button on Innova Crysta

Although the start/stop button might operate slightly differently in different cars, the basic function is the same

The start/stop push button system may operate a little bit differently in different models. AT and MT cars also have different keyless ignition switch system. Nevertheless, all of them have the same basic functioning and the system which prevents the engine from being shut down upon only one touch is also available in all cars. 

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