E-Trio Transforms Regular Cars to Electric Vehicles

by Mohammed Burman | 12/03/2019
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To control the rapid increase of ICE-powered vehicles and to increase the popularity of EVs, E-Trio, a start-up in Telangana is offering kits which can transform vehicles powered by ICEs to electric ones.

Vehicles with petrol or diesel engines are experiencing an operation limit in the Capital of India as a means to address the serious air pollution in the area. At the same time, the Indian Government is also pushing the development of electric cars in the country by allowing easy ownership of EVs in the coming time. In this situation, E-Trio, a start-up in Telangana is providing kits which are verified by Automotive Researched Authority of India (ARAI) to convert a normal vehicle with an internal combustion engine (ICE) to a zero-emission one.

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At present, only the Maruti Suzuki Dzire, the Maruti Suzuki Wagon R and the Maruti Suzuki Alto can be transformed to the electric versions with the kits. To further expand the lineup, E-Trio has applied for the verification of the kits which can be used on popular automobiles like the Indica, the Ritz and the Santro.

How the ICE-powered vehicles are converted into electric ones?

As regards the transformation process, the normal motors are removed and then get substituted with the electric motors and a lithium-phosphate battery package. The electric charging socket will be in the former fuel filling space. Currently, the batteries are imported from North Korea but they are expected to be assembled by the brand at the Telangana facility in the foreseeable future. The information about the electric Maruti Dzire has not been revealed but the Maruti Wagon R gets a 96V package installed under the vehicle to ensure that it does not sacrifice the cabin space. The electric power is sent to the car through an automatic gearbox. As regards the interior, the vehicle is replete with features like air conditioners, a music system and a new instrument cluster which displays the speedometer and battery level. 

Normal vehicles being transfored into electric ones by E-Trio

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Various packages are provided by the company with the range depending on the size of the car. For instance, an electric Maruti Alto and Wagon R can travel about 150 km per charge. On the other hand, the Maruti Dzire has a range of up to 180 km on a charge. E-Trio is intending to increase the range of the vehicle to approximately 230 km.

The E-Trio-converted EVs can be charged at any time and anywhere. It takes about 4-5 hours for a regular hatchback to be fully charged while the normal sedan has to spend about 7 hours to reach the full charging level. All the cars are equipped with automatic cut-off equipment which prevents them from being overcharged. The fast charging facility will cost the customers an extra INR 2 lakh.

The kits have been certified by the government; therefore, equipping them will not violate the rules. E-Trio is also responsible for the endorsement of the registration certificate (RC). It will add all the information to the original RC of the vehicle and change the type of its insurance, too.

As compared to ICE-powered vehicles, electric vehicles converted by E-Trio are much easier to be kept in good condition. With much more moving parts, the former requires regular service to make sure that they are well-maintained. 

Maruti Dzire EV E-Trio

The EVs converted by E-Trio can be charged anytime, anywhere and are very easy to be maintained

How can the customers get the service?

You can directly contact E-Trion to have your vehicle converted. Currently, they are only present in the South of the country, but their services will soon expand to the North. At present, the brand is only working with cab fleet owners with commercial vehicles because of easy installations; however, by 2020, the kits will also be available for private owners. The total transformation is priced at around INR 3.5 lakh, excluding the vehicle which has already been taken to the company by the owner.

Commenting on the vision of the company, Founder of the start-up, Sathya Yalamanchili, stated,

“Retrofitting is the way to go and need of the hour and these smart cars currently are the most efficient and economical cars compared to our counterparts in the market. Our vision is to create e-Mobility which inspires & nurtures pollution free India. We believe that affordable range is the key to helping electro mobility achieve a breakthrough in the near future.”

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