Easy ways to boost fuel efficiency

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/09/2018
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We all know that cars need fuel like humans need food. However, it seems like the fuel cost has far outgrown the cost of food. Due to the serious crisis in the oil industry and the world’s economy, the fuel cost tends to get higher and higher. So, the drivers should know how to limit their fuel consumption and keep money in their pocket.

To become a legal owner of a car is not a fantasy anymore. Cars, along with food, water, have now been an essential need of everyone in modern days. Why? Because we need cars to drive to work, go on a vacation on our own or with our family, and so on. It also means that you have the responsibility to take good care of your cars. If there is anything wrong with them, you should handle it. So, when it’s looked like everything is under control, one thing appears to be out of your reach - the cost of fuel. This long, itchy problem is the pain of every car’s owners out there. The fluctuation of fuel’s price happens more usual than the changing of the dollar’s rate. In fact, it is the truth that you have to face.

You can do nothing about the up-and-down process of its cost. However, you may not take control of it, there’s something you can do to boost fuel efficiency and save your money. There are a lot of methods on how to reduce the fuel consumption of your cars. However, this article will give you some practical tips that you could consider applying to help reduce fuel consumption.

full tank autometer close look

Driving with a full tank of gas is one of the best feelings in the world

Tip 1: Stop driving like a racer

I know sometimes you just can’t resist pull an F1 run on an empty street, or make a sophisticated turn when heading into a curve. Please don’t do that anymore! This is real life, not Fast and Furious. You should acknowledge that a powerful start can burn up a lot of fuel like a vampire sucks blood. Moreover, when you hit the brake to make a cool turn, a good amount of fuel has been wasted. This is the reality!

You shouldn’t let a huge amount of fuel go to waste like that. Everybody will see you as a stupid show-off more than a cool driver. This also may put yourself and other people in danger. So, stay sober, check the traffic, and try not to use the brake too often. You also should try to keep the speed somewhere between 63 to 65 mph. Besides, you need to get your foot off the brake pedal. This tip can help you save up to 75 rupees per gallon. That’s cool.

yellow car driving at high speed

Driving at high speed will eat up your fuel tank

Tip 2: Remember to turn off the engine whenever you’re at idle

This is actually one of the easiest ways to boost fuel efficiency. You can just simply turn the engine off while waiting at the long stoplight if it’s more than 30 seconds, or parking at the sideways to pick up someone. You should know that if your car doesn’t move, but the power is still on, the fuel still is being burnt. It means that you don’t do anything but still waste money. This act can also help you contribute to the effort of keeping the air clean. You should wait until the light turns green then start the engine. Or if you can’t remember, you should buy a car with an automatic idling system to do the task for you. This tip can help you save 1 rupee per idling minutes. It may seem little, but when you stop for a long time, it will save you a lot of money.


stop engine street sign

Turn off the engine if you are at idle

Tip 3: Check the front-wheel alignment

One good tip to boost the fuel efficiency is to check the wheel. Firstly, the wheel alignment is something that bare eyes can hardly recognize. But it doesn’t mean that it won’t affect your fuel consumption. In fact, every car’s front-wheel alignment is extremely slightly tilted, which depends on some criteria of the car. It helps the car balance in rough streets. However, if the alignment is too much, it will make the engine work harder, and eventually burn too much fuel, maybe 10%. So, if your car’s steering wheel is off-balance, you should immediately have someone repair your car. This tip can help you reduce the cost by 20 rupees per gallon.

front wheel aligment

Checking the front-wheel alignment is a good idea to boost fuel efficiency

Tip 4: Examine the tyres

This one is very easy to do, but it is also very easy oblivious. Some statistics show that every 4 cars, there is one whose tyres are improperly inflated. This problem not only damages your car’s tyres but it also badly affects the fuel consumption. It’s very easy to understand! The flatter the tyre, the more power the engine has to perform to run the car. Consequently, the fuel will be unnecessarily burnt up. So, all the car drivers have to frequently check the pressure of the tyres. They also should stick to the direction given in the manual that was provided by the manufacturers. This tip can save your money about 6 rupees per gallon.

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tyre at close look

Examine the tyres frequently and replace them if necessary

Tip 5: The oil changing

This may be new to somebody, but it is a very good way to reduce the fuel cost by 4 rupees per gallon. Whether you prefer having experts change your car’s oil, or you are more like a DIY person, you should instinctively refer the recommended oil given by the manufacturers in order to know which the suitable oil is. So, you should carefully check the oil you are using if it’s fit for your car so that you don’t waste your money on nothing.

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fill the oil tube of a car

Oil changing is one particularly essential practice to keep a car in good operation

Tip 6: Pay attention to the weight

This tip is so simple that you can check with bare eyes. Even though it’s easy, it can help you reduce the fuel cost about 5 rupees per gallon. That’s very impressive. This tip is also one of the first things that every mechanics will recommend you paying attention to it. The lighter the car, the less fuel it will consume. You just need to fully check if there is unnecessary stuff in the trunk of your car. Besides, there is one piece of information you should know that every 100 pounds of stuff can make your car consume more fuel by 2%.  

Cars fully loaded with goods

Cars fully loaded will consume more!

Tip 7: Check the gas cap

A few surveys show that about 17% of all cars that have lost or broken their gas caps. Not only can this problem make the gas mileage reduce more quickly, but it also harms the environment by letting some contaminated fumes escape into the atmosphere. So, every car’s owners should usually check if the gas cap is still fine. It’s also very cheap to fix or replace. This tip can help you lower the fuel cost by about 2 rupees per gallon.

gas cap

A bad gas cap can consume a great amount of fuel

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