How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Delhi

by Mohammed Burman | 14/11/2019
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In case you plan to re-register a second-hand car, read our detailed guide on How To Transfer Vehicle Ownership in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India, is one of the largest auto markets in the country. Like what has been occurring in the whole country, the used car market in Delhi is rapidly developing and now even larger than the new car market. Buying a used car offers you many benefits, two major ones of which are the lower price and the slower rate of depreciation of second-hand cars. Therefore, instead of investing in a new car, many auto buyers opt for pre-owned ones but often don't know how to transfer vehicle ownership in Delhi. In the article below, we will provide you with a detailed guideline on how to implement vehicle ownership transfer in Delhi. 

vehicle ownership transfer in new delhi

Vehicle owner transfer is somewhat a time-consuming and troublesome process.

Firstly, the buyer needs to hand over all the required documents for the ownership transfer to the RTO in the city no later than 30 days after the purchase. If the vehicle was not initially registered in Delhi RTO, he/she needs to get an NOC from the RTO where the car was registered before commencing the ownership transfer.

Where to submit Ownership transfer documents in Delhi?

Before we tell you how to transfer vehicle ownership in Delhi, we need to inform you that there are totally 13 Regional Transport Offices in Delhi. You can find them in the table below and head to one of these based on the address at which your used car needs to be registered. 

 RTOs in Delhi


 DL 01

 Mall Road

 DL 02

 IP depot

 DL 03

 Seikh Sarai

 DL 04


 DL 05

 Loni Road

 DL 06

 Sarai Kale Khan

 DL 06

 Sarai Kale Khan

 DL 07

 Mayur Vihar

 DL 08


 DL 11


 DL 12

 Vasant Vihar

 DL 13

 Surajmal Vihar

Procedure on how to transfer vehicle ownership in Delhi

Step 1 - Obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) at The Traffic Department (Mandatory if the vehicle was not originally registered in Delhi).

If the used car is not registered in Delhi, you will have to de-register the car from the old RTO as the first thing in the ownership transfer process. Specifically, you need to submit Form 28 to the former RTO to request a NOC. If the vehicle was not registered in any RTOs in Delhi, you will have to obtain a Form 29 from the initial RTO.

Step 2 - Submitting the related documents to the local RTO

Vehicle ownership transfer between individual and individual

The related documents include

  • Form 29

  • Form 30

  • A copy of the buyer’s residence evidence

  • A copy of PUC

  • A copy of G.I.R

  • Bank NOC and 2 nos. of Form 35 (if the car is under hypothecation or loan)

Vehicle ownership transfer between company and individual

  • Original RC

  • 2 nos. of Form 29

  • 2 nos. of Form 30

  • 2 nos. of Form 35

  • A bank certificate for having retained full dues

  • A copy of insurance (make sure that it is still valid)

  • A copy of PUC

  • A copy of the buyer’s residence evidence

  • Original NOC from the company

  • Authorization letter

The car purchaser needs to fill the RTO forms with all the full details very carefully. Remember to write ‘N/A’ in the sections which are not applicable.

Step 3 - Submitting the documents

After submitting the related documents to the RTO, the car buyer needs to pay the fees. The transfer ownership process will be finished within 30 working days. If the car is bought from another state, the new owner will obtain a NOC first and the car re-registration can be commenced.

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Step 4 - Re-Registering the vehicle after interstate transfer

After a NOC is received, the owners will have to re-register the car by submitting the documents as follows:

  • Original RC

  • Form 20

  • Form 27

  • Form 33

  • Form 60

  • Form 61

  • NOC from former RTO

  • Certified copy of residence evidence

  • Certified copy of the owner’s driving license

  • Certified copy of PUC certificate

  • PAN card

  • Passport-size photos

  • Bank NOC (if the car is under loan)

A new registration number will be issued several weeks after all these documents have been handed over the new RTO.

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Step 5 - Paying road tax

The last step of our guide on how to transfer vehicle ownership in Delhi is to pay the road tax in case the car was initially registered in another state. The road tax is calculated according to the original bill, has to be paid by the new owner to have it registered in Delhi. He/she needs to pay the tax via a DD. You can also gain benefit from having the tax paid at the original RTO reimbursed which can be done with the submission of the following documents

  • Road tax refund application

  • Updated Form 26 with your signature

  • A copy of the new RC

  • A copy of the old RC

  • Insurance policy

  • Address evidence

Documents required to transfer vehicle ownership in Delhi

In general, required documents for vehicle ownership transfer in Delhi include

  • Original RC

  • Form 29 (Notice form to change ownership of a vehicle)

  • Form 30 (Report of transfer of ownership of a motor vehicle)

  • Valid insurance copy

  • Valid PUC certificate copy

  • Address proof with two attested copies

  • Crime report of N.C.R.B

registration certificate india

Original registration certificate is the one of the most important documents in the vehicle ownership transfer process.

Vehicle Ownership Transfer Cost in Delhi

Fee-related details are provided under the following link: Parivahan Fees details. RTO officials would provide more information on fees

There is late fine for the late submission of the ownership transfer documents in the RTO.

The late fine is :

  • Car  - Rs. 500/ month
  • Bike - Rs. 300/month

Frequently asked questions

1. What is RC transfer?

RC transfer is actually the process of the car ownership alteration when it is sold from an owner to another one. This process is compulsory since it helps make sure that all the car-related liabilities are transferred to the new owner.

2. How can I check my RC Transfer status?

You can easily check your RC Transfer status by clicking on this.

3. How long does the RC transfer process usually take?

The RTOs in Delhi usually spend as many as 30 days finishing the vehicle ownership transfer after they have received all the necessary documents.

Our guide on how to transfer vehicle ownership in Delhi should help you sell, buy and transfer used cars more easily. Happy Motoring! 

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