Buying Used Volkswagen Ameo (2016-2019): Essential Tips For You

by Harish Kumar | 19/06/2019
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In over three years of presence, the Volkswagen Ameo has managed to achieve a fair share of success despite the growing competition. That said, the compact sedan has become a “mouth-watering” option for not only the new car buyers but also those looking for a well-built small sedan in the used market. Here are some tips for buying used Volkswagen Ameo in the second-hand market

An Overview

  • Strong points: well-built, feature-rich, nice to drive

  • Weak points: EGR valve goes bad easily, worn-out clutch plate

When various carmakers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Honda or even Tata already had a player in the game of compact sedan segment (this segment is quite unique to India), the fact that a global company like Volkswagen jumping on the bandwagon is out of expectation. Yet it did come, Volkswagen finally stepped out of its comfort zone with the first sedan developed for the Indian market, the Volkswagen Ameo. A bit late to the party it might be though, Volkswagen’s first made-for-India compact sedan, the Ameo has, still, successfully grabbed quite a big slice of the pie. Based on the Polo hatchback, the Ameo has a lot to offer, such as a solid build, compelling feature-laden packages, extra boot space as well as nice driving experience.

VW Ameo blue front three quarters left side

That’s the reason why it becomes a crowd favourite, not only for the Indian new car market but also for the used one. In line with other VW models, the price of the Ameo is on the steeper side and this hasn’t changed much in the second-hand space either. You can easily notice that a used Volkswagen Ameo getting mileage of under 25,000 km still costs around Rs 6 Lakh to Rs 6.5 Lakh- quite a premium price range compared to even some new models in the segment. But who cares? It’s not an issue for the true fanatics. What attracts customers towards the Ameo is the build quality it shows and in a current market replete with light and frugal cars, the Ameo endears itself with a solid structure that can be felt clearly as you shut the door.

Tips for buying a used Volkswagen Ameo 

What people mostly care about when buying a car, either old or new, is about its heart. The WW Ameo employs two engines under the bonnet- a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.5-litre diesel unit. If we have to choose, we strongly recommend the latter one with a maximum power of 110 HP and 250 Nm of peak torque. This mill is rather punchier and better to drive when compared to the gasoline counterpart. However, as you may know, Volkswagen cars are somehow notorious for some reliability issues, albeit being improved a lot now, still, you need to check the car thoroughly.

volkswagen ameo tdi engine

Another thing is, the Ameo commands a higher maintenance cost as compared to that of its adversaries. For example, a basic service cost should stand somewhere between Rs 12,000 and Rs 14,000 while replacing for new mirrors and bumpers might cost you around Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000, respectively.

Therefore, if you’re setting out to buy a used VW Ameo, just keep in mind the following things as your lodestar. Firstly, before readying for the test-drive, one should take a walk-around inspection on the exterior and underbody of the car to ensure they’re all good, or else, you’ll have to dig a hole in your pocket for replacing the body parts. Besides, examine on the inside and take a look at the air-cons which might be broken down easily. Set your sight on the mirror adjustment knob and the power window switches since they are, though being relatively cheaper at the fixing costs, turn out to conk out to the time of use. Remember, a small leak will sink a great ship!

volkswagen ameo dashboard design

On the other hands, some essential components like ABS sensor or crankshaft sensor are really costly so it’s highly advisable to examine this carefully before the purchase. On the test drive, it’s best to see how the Ameo behaves right from the word go. If you find it hard to start the vehicle or feel some “hiccups” with the power, it could have a problem with the EGR valve. If you do not want to shell out around Rs 45,000 for a new one, lay an eye on this part. After that, it’s also worth checking the clutch which tends to be worn out easily over time and having a clutch fixed is truly an expensive affair. During the go, remember to watch out for any clunks or rattles from the suspension, see if any faulty parking sensor and infotainment system failure.

volkswagen ameo ac vents

Last but not least, looking through the car’s papers is also a matter of grave importance to any purchase, especially to check whether it has any outstanding traffic fines. A three-year-old diesel-powered Ameo might cost you from Rs 15,000 to Rs 17,000 for the insurance fees. Yet the running costs are quite cheap at the price with a healthy fuel mileage figure of 15 kmpl for the city and highway commutes. Given the large practical 330-litre luggage bay as well as a bucketful of advanced features it has to offer, buying a second-hand Volkswagen Ameo is actually a good deal.

In Summary

Things To Watch Out For:

AC vents:

The AC vents are often known to malfunction easily. Although they do not cost you an arm and a leg, it’s best to check them before proceeding. Have a look at other functional buttons and switches on the car as well.

EGR Valve

A faulty EGR valve might be a common issue on the used VW Ameo diesel. Watch out for any struggle with the power or during the start-up, otherwise, you will have to spend an amount of Rs 45,000 at the service shop.

Clutch Disc

Checking the condition of the clutch disc is another inevitable part of your examination, especially for the car covering over 30,000 km of mileage. Repairing the clutch is not a pleasant thing as it will delve into your pocket.

All in all, buying a second-hand VW Ameo could be a good buy if you’re sure to do a proper inspection. Also, it could be of help if you get the car’s FSH (full-service history). In the meanwhile, just try your best to seek for individual owners since they tend to keep the car at a better status.

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Price of a used Volkswagen Ameo

Though the Volkswagen Ameo was once one of the most affordable cars in the company’s lineup, it was still the costliest model of its class and the same goes for the used VW Ameo and all. Prices of a second-hand Ameo are estimated to stay at around Rs 6-7 Lakh, but considering the lengthy list of creature-comforts and its solid build, it’s a pretty expensive buy in the second-hand car market. Here is a rough idea about the price of a used Volkswagen Ameo diesel:

 Used Volkswagen Ameo Diesel
 Model  2016 - now
 Price at launch  Rs 7.05 Lakh
 Engine  1.5-litre 4-cylinder turbo-diesel
 Max Power  110 HP
 Max Torque  250 Nm
 Fuel Tank  45 Litres
 Boot Space  330 Litres
 Ground Clearance  165 mm

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