How To Choose The Best CNG Cars In India?

by IndianAuto Team | 30/09/2018
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You are looking for a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) car? Here comes the collection of best CNG autos in India.

You are looking for a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) car? Here comes the collection of best CNG autos in India. This list will show you images, costs and features of top CNG autos.

1.Tata Nano

Price: 2.97 Lakh

White and green Tata Nano CNG side view

Tata Nano is the world’s cheapest car

It is known as the Tata Nano eMax or the CNG model of the Tata. This Nano has a basic performance, but thanks to its compact dimensions and spacious interiors, it is still a great choice for town users. With good mileage, the Tata Nano eMax is also among the most pocket-friendly CNG autos in Indian market. Before launching the Nano CNG, Tata was famous for the Indigo CS eMax, but now this edition is no longer produced.

2. Alto 800 - Maruti Suzuki

Price: 2.53 to 3.80 Lakh

The Alto 800, a real successor of the flagship Maruti 800, is among the cheapest compressed natural gas autos you could buy in today’s car market. The car features all the necessaries inside such as a stereo, keyless doors and driver-side airbags. The CNG model offers high fuel efficiency with good performance. The Alto 800 is the best auto for new drivers.

Maruti Alto 800 blue colour angular look

The Maruti Alto 800 is the cheapest CNG car in the Indian auto market

3. Alto K10 - Maruti Suzuki

Price: 3.31 to 4.17 Lakh

Orange Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 front view

Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has a modern look

The Alto K10 brings you a more exciting driving experience and also a more neatly dashboard when compared with the Alto 800.  The K-Series is powered by 1.0-litre engine, which makes that small car powerful and perform extremely well when using CNG fuel. However, the CNG edition of the Alto K10 is only available on the LXi trim.

4. Celerio - Maruti Suzuki

Price: 4.21 to 5.40 Lakh

It was launched as the first cheap Automatic Manual Transmission (AMT) auto in India. Since then, other car makers have begun manufacturing AMT variants of the hatchback models. The Celerio is equipped with a manual 5-speed gearbox with VXi trim. With great features and the comfortable interior, the car lies between the Swift and other budget autos of Maruti Suzuki.

Maruti Alto Celerio blue colour angular look

The Maruti Celerio can also be another cheap CNG car option in the Indian auto market

5. Ertiga - Maruti Suzuki

Price: 6.34 to 10.69 Lakh

Grey Maruti Suzuki Ertiga side view

The total new Ertiga has just been launched

The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is dubbed as a “LUV” of its brand. It is most suited for ones who have a big family but not so big budget. It offers comfy sitting room for five or more family members. With a facelift and many upgrades, the new Ertiga is now more safety and offers more features than older versions.

6. Wagon R1.0 - Maruti Suzuki

Price: 4.15 to 5.36 Lakh

With a unique, tall and manly design along with compact dimensions, this Wagon R is a car for the urban market and also a great option for those who like a strong CNG auto. Since its debut in 1999, the Wagon R car has experienced several updates. It is now sold in the 'Stingray' form. Though the auto does not have much space for luggage, its high ceiling offers abundant room for your heads. That’s why it is an ideal option for tall people who are looking for a small, cheap but comfortable car.

Maruti Wagon R10 silver colour angular look

The Maruti Wagon R10 is a cheap powerful CNG car

7. Eeco - Maruti Suzuki

Price: 3.32 - 4.38 Lakh

Red Maruti Suzuki Eeco side view

The Eeco provides you abundant headroom

The Eeco is an upgraded edition of the Omni minivan of the brand. The MPV does offer all the basic features and is very comfortable inside. The Eeco provides abundant headroom for tall drivers as well as passengers. Thanks to wide window panels, the interior is spacious and airy. The Eeco in CNG edition is suitable for ones who only have a limited budget but need to carry both passengers and cargo regularly. Another plus point of this auto is the awesome service network brought by Maruti Suzuki.

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