Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster: A fierce rivalry in the SUVs segment

by Vivaan Khatri | 24/07/2018
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Both Hyundai Creta and Renault Duster are established SUVs in the Indian market. This comparison review will give you a full analysis of each car's pros and cons.

Hyundai Creta is one of the most successful SUV in the Indian market at the moment. It is on the top best-selling cars with a fully-loaded features list as well as an incredible performance. It is no wonder why it becomes a strong competitor in its segment.

Renault Duster has made a great move of lowering its price, which constantly boosts their competitiveness. This makes it more appealing to customers and gains an advantage over its other rivals which includes Hyundai Creta. In the near future, we also expect the launch of the new Duster in the Indian market. With the price appeal and the new updates, will Renault Duster beat Hyundai Creta in the race of the SUV segment?

1. Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster Dimension

The Duster has a greater overall dimension, with the length of 4315, the width of 1822mm and the height of 1695mm. Will this mean a better interior room? Let’s find the answer later in this comparison review. 

Dimension  Hyundai Creta  Renault Duster
 Length  4270mm  4315mm
 Width   1780mm  1822mm
 Height   1630mm  2673mm
 Wheelbase  2590mm  2470mm

2. Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster Dimension Exterior

Now, let’s look at the appearance of these two SUVs.

The most distinguishing thing about the Creta’s look is its dual tone exterior paint. With blackened pillars and floating roof effect, it seems that Hyundai has targeted on creating a sporty look for the Creta. And in fact, the look of Creta has successfully embedded the impression of a sporty and grand-looking car. The recent updates have also given the Creta a new life with many exterior twists which don’t change the design language but enhance it in a good way. 

Hyundai Creta front look outdoor background

Hyundai Creta has a grand and sporty front look with a huge grille and an impressive headlight unit

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The Duster’s design, honestly, looks quite dated. It is understandable because it hasn’t received any updates since 2016. And the new version hasn’t arrived the Indian market yet. So, let’s hope for the better new look in the future. But before the updated version launched, we will examine what the exterior of the out-going Duster. 

Renault Duster orange color exterior

Renault Duster's exterior feels quite dated as it hasn't received any updates since 2016

The Duster features a rough front look. The roughness is expressed through its integrated grille-headlight units and a pronounced bumper. Its front profile has a playful grille with chrome insert and Renault badge in the middle. The headlight unit, roof rail, and roof-mounted spoiler enhance the overall masculine look of the car. Even though being around for a quite long time, the Duster doesn’t fall behind with features like projector headlamps and daytime-running LEDs.

hyundai creta side angle

renault duster side angle

3. Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster Dimension Interior

Entering the cabin of the two cars, you can easily spot out the differences. Renault Duster appears to be sporty and masculine, whereas, the Creta looks more simple and practicality-oriented.

Hyundai Creta interior dashboard  

Hyundai Creta interior is simple and practical

For example, the Duster features a dual-tone interior theme, not to mention the colored accent on the car door. The dashboard has a straight-forward layout which might feel a little bit boring when comparing to the current design trend. The multifunction three-spoke steering also looks quite outdated. Its 2016 touchscreen infotainment system could not compete with the recent models in terms of look; nevertheless, it still serves well with many functions like MP3, AM, FM, USB and AUX input, Bluetooth connectivity. 

Renault Duster cabin

Renault Duster's cabin space is sportier 

It seems that the Creta has a better interior built than the Duster. The cabin of the Hyundai Creta features a large space, a high-quality material and a better fit and finishes. One more plus point for the Creta is its leather-wrapped seat. 


As we know from the early part, we can see that the Duster has a greater dimension. However, it doesn’t necessarily follow as it will have a more spacious interior room. In fact, the Creta is the one to give a better and more comfortable cabin. The Creta features roomier legroom. One minus point for the Creta is that its bolstered rear seats make it hard to have the third passenger to occupy the second bench. Whereas, the rear seat of the Duster provides a supportive and more enjoyable drive for the rear occupants.

Hyundai Creta's interior layout

Hyundai Creta's interior space

Renault Duster interior layout

Renault Duster's interior space

In terms of the boot space, the Duster has the boot space of 475 litres whereas the Creta’s cargo space is 400-litre. The gap of 75 litres makes a significant difference. 

4. Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster Features

The Creta and Duster shares some common features, for example, power steering, power window, auto climate control, a reverse camera as well as control-mounted steering. However, the Creta doesn’t receive cruise control and CD player whereas the Duster miss rear AC vent, built-in navigation systems, engine start-stop button. Besides, the Creta hosts an updated and well-functioning infotainment system with Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and Mirror Link support, which the old-fashioned Duster doesn’t have. The touchscreen of the Creta is also more responsive than the Duster’s screen.

Safety features

In terms of safety features, the two cars are compatibly well-equipped with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, child safety locks, keyless entry, vehicle stability control system, crash sensor, rear camera, and power airlocks. However, the Creta might feel slightly more fulfilling with 6 airbags, pretensioners and force limiter seatbelts.

5. Hyundai Creta vs Renault Duster Engines and Performance


The Creta offers three engine option, which are a 1.6-litre petrol, 1.4-litre diesel, and a 1.6-litre diesel. The petrol engine could make 123PS of power and 151Nm of torque. The 1.4-litre could provide 90PS and 220Nm while the 1.6-litre engine is able to produce 128PS and 260Nm. The 6-speed manual transmission comes as standard across the range. Another transmission option is a 6-speed automatic transmission, which is only available for the 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engines.

Renault Duster off-road orange color

Renault Duster offers both diesel and petrol engine as well as manual and automatic gearbox option

While the Duster is powered by either a 1.5-litre diesel engine or a 1.5-litre petrol motor. The petrol mills could pump up 105PS and 142Nm, and the diesel engine could make 84PS and 200Nm. Manual and automatic transmission are offered as gearbox option.

Hyundai Creta outdoor grey color

Hyundai Creta comes with a more powerful diesel engine 

The 1.6 diesel engine of the Creta is the strongest motor out of these engine options and takes the shortest time to accelerate from 0-100kmp. With the assistance of a six-speed gearbox and light clutch, the Creta offers convenient drive. 

On the other hands, the Duster equipped with an all-wheel-drive system, the Duster is the better off-roader than the Creta. 

Riding and handling

Renault Duster’s 4WD has been always considered as one of the best performing SUVs in India. It is no surprise that the Duster easily beats the Creta with a better riding quality and handling. The Duster gives out fewer body rolls, even at high-speed drive and its steering also feels more responsive.

Off-road ability

With regard to the off-road ability, it is the Duster that wins this game. Due to its powerful four-wheel-drive system, the Duster could venture to the farther from the city driving. Whereas the Creta feels less confidence at high revs, making it more a city wheeler than a capable off-roading SUV.

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