Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Ignis - Comparison of Price, Specs, Interior Features & more

by Harish Kumar | 04/04/2019
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We're going to give you an in-depth comparison between the two of popular models available in the small car segment. Read on for our Tata Tiago vs Maruti Ignis comparison

Have you ever wondered how the Maruti Ignis, which got a mid-cycle update earlier this year, fares against the Tata Tiago- one of the fastest-selling models in the current marketplace? When it comes to these small cars, should we buy the all-rounded Maruti Ignis or the budget-friendly Tata Tiago? Let’s see how these vehicles “cutthroats” each other in the specific aspects of the sheer battle round.

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Ignis Comparison - Design

For some who are fairly familiar with the conventional radical sporty design of the home-grown Tata Tiago, the Japanese compact crossover-styled Maruti Ignis turns out to be little quirky. Maruti Suzuki launched the Ignis to break new ground of the auto aesthetic designs and to blow fresh air into the place where almost hatches come with a sleek stance and low ground clearance. In other words, the Ignis seems enticing to anyone who wishes for a clearer view of the road from the window, but distasteful to the rest by contrast.

A handful of customisations implemented in the grille, headlamps or air intake gives the Maruti car a sense of strange and funny to look while the Tata small hatchback is loyal to the regular handsome silhouette, highly suitable for those who want to play it safe in the automotive playground. The Tiago is available with some bright colour schemes which are, in fact, fair enough to spice up the things but still falls behind the charisma offered by the Indo-Japanese counterpart. Above all, the Ignis's design comes alluring for one who prefers a difference but could be repellent in others' perspective. In our subjective judgment, the Tata Tiago seems to lose out over the Japanese compact car in this part of the competition.

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Ignis Comparison - Dimensions

 Dimensions  Maruti Ignis  Tata Tiago
 Overall Length  3,700 mm  3,746 mm
 Overall Width  1,660 mm  1,647 mm
 Overall Height  1,595 mm  1,535 mm
 Wheelbase  2,435 mm  2,400 mm
 Ground Clearance  180 mm  170 mm
 Seating Capacity  5  5
 Boot space  260-litres  242-litres

In the segment of small-sized four-wheelers in the Indian market, the dimension is also a matter of interest. The Tata Tiago measures 3,746 mm in its overall length which makes it the longer model of the two. However, the Maruti Ignis undercuts all other terms of dimension concerning the overall width, height, wheelbase and ground clearance. With 1,600 mm wide and 1,595 mm high, the “micro SUV” offers a roomier space inside the cabin, not to mention the extra ground clearance of 10 mm when compared to the locally-born Tiago enemy. So well, if you ask me who will be, literally and figuratively, the most "compact" of its compact hatch lot, needless to say, it’s the Tata Tiago to be named.

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Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Ignis Comparison - Specifications

While the Maruti Ignis is offered with only a gasoline engine option, the Tiago counterpart sounds more enticing with both petrol and diesel variants. The Ignis is on sale with two types of gearboxes- a 5-speed manual and a 5-speed automated manual transmission whereas Tiago’s petrol option even offers all these two transmission units. Furthermore, its diesel-powered variant comes mated to another manual transmission exclusively.

When putting the two models' gasoline burners at the same place, they seem all equally matched. When it comes to the power, the Tiago’s drivers should enjoy a slight return with 85 PS generated from a 1.2-litre petrol engine, of course, at least looking good on paper.

Specifications Maruti Ignis Tata Tiago
 Engine Type  Petrol  Petrol  Diesel
 Displacement (cc)  1197  1199  1047
 Cylinder no  4  3  3
 Max Power  82 PS @ 6,000 rpm  85 PS @ 6,000 rpm  70 PS @ 4,000 rpm
 Max Torque  113 Nm @ 4,200  114 Nm @3,500 rpm  140 Nm @ 1,800-3,000 rpm
 Transmission  5 MT/ AMT  5 MT/ AMT  5 MT
 Mileage  20.89 km/l  23.4 km/l  27.28 km/l

The Ignis’s 1.2-litre K12B motor, on the other hand, gives away a gentler yet peppier drive quality from the word go. It is capable of making 82 PS of maximum power and 113 Nm of the peak torque. The engine can rev happily and eagerly push hard from 0-100 kmph in a very fast way.

However, what aids the Tata Tiago in the fierce battle with the Ignis is the frugal 1.05-litre diesel engine option. With the maximum power output of 70 PS and the decent torque of 140 Nm units, it has tilted the balance in favour of the Tata Tiago over its direct adversary. Simultaneously, the ultra-economical running costs it offers will decide on buying the Tiago a no-brainer.

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Ignis Comparison - Mileage

To re-emphasize, the Tata Tiago is completely an easy-peasy option for those who would like pocket-friendly running costs, regardless of which variant they pick. The gasoline-running Tata Tiago claims an ARAI-rated fuel mileage of 23.84 km/l while the diesel version comes to return 27.28 km/l of mileage. The Maruti Ignis’s petrol engine, on the other hand, offers an inferior fuel mileage of 20.89 km/l as it does under the bonnet. Therefore, the Tiago wins this part of the comparison hands down.

Tata Tiago Vs Mauti Ignis Comparison - Price

Of course, the Tata Tiago is very confident of faring well in this last battle round. It holds a cost-effective value in comparison with the Japanese athlete. If you do not want to shell out about Rs 4.79- 7.14 Lakh for a top-end Maruti Ignis, the top-spec Tata Tiago diesel engine with the price tag of around Rs 4.21-5.24 Lakh is an ideal option. If not, the Ignis should stand at the top of your wish list in case you desire an SUV-like hatchback with high ground clearance and fairly lucrative running expenses.

Any answer coming to your mind about which car to buy? All-in-all, your final decision should always depend on your predilection and demands. The Tiago would suit your tight budget while the Ignis might match with your taste of special and lavish styling. We hope our article could be, one way or another, useful for your future smart purchase.

Tata Tiago Vs Maruti Ignis- Price List
Variant  Maruti Ignis
 Sigma  INR 4,79,372
 Delta  INR 5,40,644
 Zeta  INR 5,82,767
 Alpha  INR 6,67,993
 Delta (O)  INR 5,87,644
 Zeta (O)  INR 6,29,767
 Alpha (O)  INR 7,14,993
 Variant  Tata Tiago
 Engine Type  Petrol  Diesel
 XE  INR 4,20,500  INR 5,00,369
 XE (O)  INR 4,36,616  INR 5,07,538
 XM  INR 4,52,209  INR 5,36,013
 XM (O)  INR 4,68,324  INR 5,49,734
 XT  INR 4,85,227  INR 5,69,294
 XT (O)  INR 5,00,062  INR 5,81,715
 XTA  INR 5,21,615  -NA-
 XZ  INR 5,32,840  INR 6,15,734
 XZ+  INR 5,64,096  INR 6,42,137
 XZ+ (Dual Tone Roof)  INR 5,71,096  INR 6,49,137
 XZA  INR 5,74,449  -NA-

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