4 Modified Indian Cars with Cool Scissors Doors You Won't Believe

by Vivaan Khatri | 28/11/2018
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Modifiers could do the impossible things. Among those is to give the regular models to get stylish and state-of-art scissors doors. Let's take a look at these stunning cars.

Scissors door is one of the most daring car design we have seen in the automobile history. However, this stunning and unusual design is mostly featured on the luxury sports cars or supercars from eminent names of the industry like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz. We normal folk are more familiar with the norms of straight-forward side window design and most of the cars available in the market follow this style too. So it is almost impossible to seek out a normal car with the stylish scissors doors. But it could not stop the modifiers crowd from making their own rendering of scissors door car out of the familiar models. Here are some example of the cool modified scissor cars.

1. Maruti Swift

The Swift is recognizable with its classic and vintage coat. It hardly crosses our minds that such an elegant car could go along with chic scissor doors. However, nothing is impossible with the modified car world. A red Maruti Swift has evolved into an unrecognizable sporty car with the cool swing-up doors. It is not the only updates. On the front of the car, this Swift gets a new low-set bumper which is leaning almost next to the ground, signifying the low-rider look. A raised cease is added to the bonnet to increase the sporty look. Besides, the headlight also gets customized. To the side of this Swift, it is not only the front scissor door that would catch your eyes but also the new sleek wheelset.

 modified Maruti Swift red color with scissors door

The popular Maruti Swift gets modified and gains a wholly new look

2. Maruti Alto

The Alto is one of the most popular hatchbacks in India. With an affordable price, it easily becomes the objects of modifiers. Its popularity could be contributed to its user-friendly and high practicality. And the best part, the running cost of the Alto will not hurt your wallet as much as other cars.

On this modified Alto, it is updated with scissors doors. Besides, it is given a new bumper, new hexagonal grille with a fender above. Apart from that, the Alto is given a new coat of brightly yellow, which will light up the street and gather attention everywhere it goes.

This Maruti Alto also receives  the quirky twist for its car doors

This Maruti Alto also receives  the quirky twist for its car doors

3. Maruti Baleno

Sitting above the Swift and the Alto is the premium hatchback Maruti Baleno. As many models from Maruti, the Baleno finds itself taking an important part its segment and gets an incredible recognition from the mass customers. However, it just recently becomes a star in the modifier’s circuit.

One Maruti Baleno is redesigned with many adding features, most noticeably, the modified scissor doors. With the dual paint of black and red, the car looks just cooler than ever.

Besides the new car door, it gets an overhauled fascia with a new bumper, LEDs add-ons on the fog light housing and reworked grille. The owner of the car also lowered the stand and now, it runs on new 17-inch wheels.

Modified Maruti Baleno red with scissors doors

This Maruti Baleno looks stunning with scissors doors and black-red dual car paint

4. Hyundai Verna

The latest Hyundai Verna which is inspired strongly by Hyundai’s Fluidic design philosophy. It has been welcomed by the customers and done a great job in sales. And this models will not fall out of modifier’s eyes.

This Verna is given a new stunning paint job of blue and black. As usual, it will be given a lower stance which is created by adding rims shod to the tires. Besides, LEDs bar along with a rear spoiler are some of the new features.

modified Hyundai Verna blue with scissors doors

This premium Hyundai Verna also makes its way to the list with its chic-looking scissors doors

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