Hyundai Offers 3 EMI Waivers to Customers Who Lose Their Jobs

by Vivaan Khatri | 16/05/2020
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Hyundai has started a new initiative called EMI Assurance Programme. The new programme offers support for their customers in case of job loss by providing three EMI waiver.

The extended lockdown has put a heavy toll on our economy and severely affected the activities of all organizations and companies. To cut down the cost, many companies could resort to lay-offs. Under the current circumstance, many employees are facing the risks of losing their jobs. The fear of unemployment has put considerable financial pressure on Indian buyers, which has lead them to postpone the car-buying decisions. Last month, the automobile market witnessed an all-time low with not even a single car sold. With the lockdown extended to 17 May and possible toward the end of this month, the situation could go worse.

Hyundai Offers 3 EMI Waivers to Customers Who Lose Their Jobs

Hyundai's EMI Assurance Programme will be available for select Hyundai cars bought this May

The great challenge has prompted the car manufacturers to come up with attractive offers for their customers. EMI Assurance Programme is a new attempt from Hyundai to attract buyers. Under this programme, customers who buy Hyundai cars in May 2020 can have 3 waivers of EMI instalments. The EMIs will be covered by insurance. The EMI Assurance programme is applied for select cars purchased within this month and the benefit of this programme will be valid up to 1 year after the day of purchase. But still, the 3 EMI waiver is not available in the first three months after you bought the car.


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This new benefit will protect the buyers from unexpected financial turbulence caused by job loss during this time. The ownership of the vehicle will be secured if the owners become unemployed due to health problems, financial issues, or dissolution of their companies. Hyundai is the first car brand to introduce a programme of this kind. However, this offer is not available for some premium models on Hyundai’s line-up including the Hyundai Creta, Tucson, Elantra, and Kona EV.

In addition to the EMI Assurance Programme, Hyundai also introduces online booking buying, services experience for their customer during the time of quarantine. Customers can buy cars and process payment at home. The car will be sanitized and delivered to your doorstep. Booking for services can be done online and the dealership will send people to pick up cars from your place for servicing. Along with that, Hyundai’s dealership also strictly follow the social distancing norms to minimize the health risks for customers who want to visit the showrooms.

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