3 Best Fog Lights For Your Cars To Navigate Through Dense Fog

by Harish Kumar | 15/05/2020
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There are some impeccable fog lights in India that you can choose to retrofit your car. Let’s check out the list of best fog lights for cars in India and secure your drives before the clumsy fog season arrives.

Fog season in India is quite irritating. In other words, it is both frustrating and hazardous to drive in the dense fog. Foggy conditions certainly reduce your road visibility and make your drive a challenging task, especially without having specific lamps in use. With that in mind, many more automakers in India are providing standard fog lamps for their products, but not all of them. Since fog lights are normally aimed low, they are almost useless when the driving conditions are good. However, they could be really of help in the poor weather or any bad situations where the visibility is seriously reduced by fog, mist or even dust in the air.

tata harrier front fog lamps

Front frog lamps can bring in clear visibility in the hazy fogs but also signals the opposite drivers about their coming, just reducing the chance of mishaps as well as the stress and fear you might put on during the go. Therefore, for the sake of safety, choosing the best fog lamps for your car requires your intense consideration, not to mention the cosmetic side.  

There are some impeccable fog lights in India that you can choose to retrofit your car. Let’s check out the list of best fog lights for cars in India and secure your drives before the clumsy fog season arrives.

1. Autofy LED Bar Light Universal Bike Car Fog Light

Safe drives are what the car parts providers head towards when it comes to the production of fog lights. Autofy is such a company. Autofy sells a variety of fog lights for both bikes and cars, allowing you to drive stress-free in the dense fog.

autofy led bar light universal bike car fog lamps

The Autofy LED Bar lights are manufactured using supreme-grade aluminium casting, offered with thermal paste layer to dissipate the heat. They can be fitted for both scooters, bikes, cars, sedans, SUVs or even tractors.

The Autofy LED fog lights come with acrylic scratch-proof lens along with metalized virgin plastic reflector cups which are angled at 30 degrees, all the ways to churn out a perfect spot beam in the extreme weather.


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2.  Aorna High-Power LED Fog Lights Projector Cob

High-power LED fog lights by Aorna can help to make your drive securer in the heavy fog. Therefore, it makes sense that Aorna is one of the brands that produce the best fog lights for cars in India. Designed with the glass projector lens combined with aluminium housing, the high-power LED fog light by Aorna maintains a smooth drive in case your front view is severely concealed by rain or fog.

aorna high power led fog lamps

The fog lights by Aorna can output up to 15W each, alongside the advanced LED technology, navigating through the misty roads is just at your ease. While being water-proof, the fog lights are operating at the voltage of 12V that is suitable for every car including SUVs and trucks. All you need to do is just make a purchase and have an experienced person who helps you in the installation process.


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3. Priknik LED Bar, Fog Lamp, Work Light White

In our compiled list of best fog lamps for cars, it is our shortcoming if we miss out on the Priknik fog lights. The kind of lighting is highly efficient and long-lasting. With Priknik, you will never need to halt your much-awaited trips due to the dense fog. Priknik fog lamps make use of the 120-degree floodlight which is enclosed by the 15-degree dual-row spotlight, good enough to provide you with a clearer and wider view upfront.

priknik fog lamps

Notably, the fog light is produced with A-Okay chips offering 120W of white light that turns the vague roads into the much brighter ones. It is befitting with a wide range of vehicles such as Jeep, cars, trucks, SUVs, UTVs and even boats, etc. Having said, this fog lamp will give you a perfect weekend adventure without having to compromise on safety.

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