Mahindra Customisation Now Available Online - Modifications Available for Thar, Scorpio and Bolero

by Vivaan Khatri | 29/10/2020
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Mahindra Customisation is now offering accessories via its newly-introduced online portal. Now, customers can order accessories for their Mahindra cars via this platfom.

Mahindra& Mahindra has a wide range of utility vehicles. Since the additional accessories for utility vehicles are in high demand, Mahindra dedicates a department for developing car modifications and accessories. Named the Mahindra Customisation, the in-house car modification department is currently operating across in India with 300 touchpoints. Recently, Mahindra has introduced the online portal for Mahindra Customisation which allows the owners of Mahindra UV to order customized Mahindra cars online.

mahindra thar front end

Mahindra Customisation is now offering accessories via an online portal

Mahindra Customisation offers customization services for both new cars as well as pre-owned models. The customization department only delivers services that adhere to the company’s standard. Customers would not have to worry about the integrity of the warranty when ordering modifications from Mahindra’s specialized department. As for the online portal, Mahindra only offers the customisation options for the Thar, Scorpio and Bolero. In the near future, modification options for KUV100, TUV300 and XUV500 will be launched on this online portal.


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With each model, Mahindra Customisation will provide a set of modification packages. Mahindra Thar, for example, will come with five pre-set options, a Daybreak Edition, Adventure, Bison, Buggy, and Midnight Edition. Daybreak Edition is available with Hard-top and Soft-top options while Adventure gets both of the aforementioned options and another Open-top choice. Mahindra Bolero is available with packages like Attitude, Limited Edition, Stinger Variant 1, Stinger Variant 2, Stringer Variant 3 and Xclusiv. For Scorpio, customers can choose from 5 options including Dark Horse Edition, Lifestyle, Mountaineer, Xtreme and Xtreme Dark Edition.

mahindra accessories

Mahindra Customisation provides a wide range of accessories options

Apart from these given modification packages, Mahindra Customisation also provides a host of other accessories for various car parts including headlights, taillights, bumpers, custom grille, and even alloy wheels and tyres. Additional, in order to archive a tougher appearance and enhance off-road capabilities, customers can also opt for accessories like roll bars, bull bars, rock sliders, FRP hardtop, snorkel, winch, lift kit, super skeleton roll cage and more.


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Interestingly, Mahindra Customisation can offer more than just exterior makeover and offroad enhancements. Accessories like a GPS navigation system, DVD player, audio system with subwoofer and high-output speakers can bring the driving experience to a new level. Moreover, other interior accessories like custom steering wheels, leather seats, door trims, ambient lighting, floor mats, car fridge, roof-mounted AC, and power window are also in offer.

Compared to other aftermarket options, the authentic accessories provided by Mahindra Accessories are costlier. However, the guaranteed quality and standardized procedure of Mahindra Customisation are something customers can trust in.

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