Mahindra Reveals Plans For Updating Its Diesel Engine Range To BSVI

by Vivaan Khatri | 04/06/2019
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In response to the approaching BSVI emission norms, Mahindra is going to introduce their first BSVI-compliant diesel engine this year.

The new BSVI emission norms are set to come into effect on April 1st 2020. The regulations require the manufacturers to update and refresh their engines. Mahindra, among other carmakers, has commenced upgrading the current engine range and developing all-new unit as well. Currently, Mahindra’s range includes eight diesel engines in total. As revealed by the Indian car company, Mahindra’s new BSVI-compliant line-up will include seven updated diesel engines and one all-new powertrain.

Out of the eight ongoing diesel engines, Mahindra will cease the production of the 1.2-litre three-cylinder oil burner that is powering the KUV100 NXT due to the low sales of this variant. In place of this soon-to-be-discontinued engine, the manufacturer will launch an all-new engine called ‘Future’.

mahindra kuv100 nxt front look red

Mahindra will end the 1.2-litre 3-cylinder engine on the KUV100 NXT and develop the all-new Future engine

The smallest engines on the current diesel line-up are the 600cc and 900cc units. These engine is recently doing the powering duties on the Supro and the Jeeto. To meet the BSVI standard, the two engines will get turbochargers. On the other hand, the 900cc engine is going to be updated with a naturally aspirated version. For the entry-level engines, the more expensive method like selective catalytic reduction is unlikely to be employed. Instead, the more cost-effective lean NOx trap will be applied.

The current range includes three 1.5-litre diesel engines, one three cylinder and two four-cylinder mills. All of which will be updated to meet the approaching BSVI regulation. The only 1,493cc three-cylinder engine is currently powering the Bolelo Power Plus and the TUV300. The rest two four-cylinder engines include 1,461cc motor from the Verito sedan and 1,497cc of the XUV300 and Marazzo. To meet the new norms, the latter will come with SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system and a NOx emission-reducing rear-mounted urea tank. Diesel particulate filter will be equipped in both engines.

mahindra bsvi diesel engine

Mahindra will update seven out of the current eight diesel engines used across its line-up to meet the upcoming BSVI

Just like the 1.5-litre four-cylinder engines, the 2.2-litre four-cylinder that is used on the ongoing Scorpio and the XUV500 will also be updated with the SCR system and the DPF. This motor will continue to be available in two states of tunes, 55hp/360Nm and 140hp/320Nm.

Finally, the largest diesel engine on Mahindra’s line-up, the 2.5-litre four-cylinder diesel, will also receive the necessary updates to meet the new standard. This engine was first introduced three decades ago. Throughout its lifetime, the engine was updated and refreshed multiple times to keep up with the new norms and regulations. Currently, coming in two states of tunes, 65hp/195Nm and 75hp/200Nm, this engine is used on the Bolero.

Unlike the current trend of the market where carmakers cut down on the number of diesel engines, Mahindra still keeps its wide range of diesel powertrains, partly because of its various platform configurations. Moreover, commenting on the price change, Pawan Goenka, Managing Director of Mahindra, confirmed that the price hike, in all likelihood, will not be as significant as other carmaker warned.

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