Watch a Mahindra Thar rescue a Maruti Swift stuck at a Goa beach

by Kshitij Rawat | 15/04/2020
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Mahindra Thar (DI 4X4) is employed by Lifeguards in Goa for beach patrols. The car’s off-road capability makes it a good choice for sandy drives.

Driving in sand is a dangerous task, almost guaranteed to result in a hopeless disaster. Still, many tourists, greeding for a little social media attention, attempt this futile task. More often than not, such people are then stuck in the sand and desperately in need of rescue, lest the rising tides swallow the car whole! The video below captures a similar scene, wherein a few tourists from Hyderabad got their Maruti Swift beached at Goa.

Goa Lifeguard Mahindra Thar rescues a beached Maruti Suzuki Swift

The video shows a group of young men standing around their Maruti Suzuki Swift, stuck in the sand at Miramar beach in Goa. Vehicles are banned on public beaches, but many joyriders decide to break the rules. This wouldn’t be a huge problem if experienced drivers drove around in powerful 4X4 off-roaders, but with noobs in FWD cars, you can bet your bottom dollar they’d be in trouble before sundown. It’s easy to lose traction in dry sand and get stuck. Wet sand is worse, at it allows cars to sink in before hardening, essentially behaving like a sticky trap.

Watch a Mahindra Thar rescue a Maruti Swift stuck at a Goa beach

Several bystanders tried to push the car to safety, joined by cops as well. When that fails, the lifeguard arrives with his Mahindra Thar 4X4 to save the day. At this point, the Swift is starting to drown in the approaching tides. The rescue team quickly attaches cables to the hatchback’s rear tow hook and tugs the vehicle out easily, all the while taking care not to accidentally drive on wet sand themselves.


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Mahindra Thar is one of the most capable off-road vehicles in the country. As this one is an older model (2015 perhaps? Seems like it!), it is probably powered by a 2.5-litre, direct-injection, turbocharged, inline-4, diesel engine. This motor manages a maximum power of 63 PS and a peak torque of 195 Nm. It was paired to a 5-speed manual gearbox that sends power to all four wheels via a full-time 4-wheel-drive system.

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