Mahindra to develop the petrol engines for all models to counter the drop in diesel

by IndianAuto Team | 01/08/2018
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Due to the high taxation, Mahindra is now developing the petrol engines for the whole line-up to counter the drop in sales of diesel models in recent years.

Been delivering various SUVs including XUV 500, Scorpio, TUV 300 and KUV 100 in the domestic market, Mahindra has always been a diesel-dominated brand in India thanks to its long SUV portfolio. However, Mahindra is now gearing up to develop the petrol engines due to the sales drop in diesel models in the last few years. 

M&M said

"Higher taxation on diesel vehicles is affecting their sales, which have declined from 58 per cent of total sales in 2012-13 to 40 per cent in 2017-18" 

India now is in the dearth for the petrol engine. Back in the last few years, petrol car sales have surged back to almost 60 per cent. At the time, almost three out of five cars sold were the diesel engine, the fuel price corrections over the past five years have driven the Indian-car to be a diesel-hungry market.

Mahindra chairman

Mahindra rolled out various petrol engine SUV such as TUV300

The changing times have brought them around to develop petrol engines. Mahindra has already started offering petrol engines on the Scorpio as well as the XUV500 and is looking forward to expanding its portfolio.

M&M claimed they had a strong product pipeline to be rolled out in the near future. Their short-term target is to continuously invest in new product development including technology upgrades and network distribution increase.

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