Mercedes S-Class EV To Feature Curved Display Spanning Full Dashboard Width

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 02/02/2021
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Every generation of the Mercedes S-Class brings in something that is new to the automotive world. Now the German automaker has revealed a display which spans the whole dashboard for the upcoming EQS.

The all-new Mercedes S-Class was launched in September 2020 with all the bells and whistles, and laden with technology on the cutting edge. Mercedes has now revealed the dashboard made entirely of a curved display screen that spans across the width of the cabin for the yet-to-launch electric-powered S-Class. Mercedes has termed it the MBUX Hyperscreen, and this new design incorporates three screens into one seamless display. The Mercedes S-Class is known for bringing in tech that hasn’t been seen before, being the first production car to get ABS in 1978 and airbags in 1981, and this new screen tech may be aped soon.


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The MBUX Hyperscreen incorporates three displays - the instrument console, infotainment system, and an entertainment screen for the front passenger. The central and front passenger displays are OLED units which give a better picture quality and also provides better haptic feedback. Fabricating such a complex panel with multiple elements require a special process. The curved unit is moulded in three dimensions using a special three-layer coating which Mercedes terms it as the ‘Silver Shadow. The German automaker claims that the process gives the display unit a high-quality surface impression while reducing glare and making cleaning easier in the process. The MBUX Hyperscreen when paired with the ambient lighting, gives the optical illusion of floating. AC vent slots are given of both ends of the one-piece panel.

The MBUX Hyperscreen is an evolution of the current Mercedes S-Class’ operating system, and its software is claimed to be very easy to operate and ‘extremely eager’ to learn. Thanks to the AI, the system adopts a zero-layer menu system which displays the relevant information at the required time based on user preferences, avoiding the need to scroll through several menu screens or use the voice command. According to data collected by Mercedes from the earlier generation of the MBUX system, the most commonly used features include navigation, media and telephone which are integrated into the central display. The AI offers as many as twenty additional features as and when the user requires them. Examples include seat ventilation, massage, and GPS based ride height increase. The passenger side of the screen also can support up to 7 custom profiles with the AI improving the overall experience. This display is subjected to country-specific safety regulations. When not being used actively by the front passenger, that part of the screen turns into an animated display of stars to enhance the overall interior effects.


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The Mercedes MBUX Hyperscreen will be an optional extra in the eagerly anticipated EQS electric luxury limousine which is slated to be launched later this year. The same piece of equipment is expected to be offered by the upcoming EQS SUV as well. Knowing Mercedes, the Hyperscreen will eventually make its journey down the product portfolio. Mercedes has been a trendsetter when it comes to interior design and technology. We won’t be surprised to see similar dashboard features from other OEMs in the coming years.

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