Modified Mahindra Scorpio Pickup by Bimbra 4X4 Looks Dashing

by Kshitij Rawat | 13/04/2020
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Check out this modified Mahindra Scorpio that has been transformed into a pickup truck with a soft-top roof.

Lifestyle pickup trucks are extremely popular in a lot of foreign markets, like Australia, Europe, and the US. In India, however, pickups are usually reserved for commercial and utilitarian uses. Thankfully, there are some good workshops that build such custom cars! Here, we have a brilliant example of a skilfully modified Mahindra Scorpio pickup truck.

Modified Mahindra Scorpio Pickup front angle

The Scorpio seen in the pictures above has been customised by Bimbra 4X4, a custom car workshop based in Gurgaon. The SUV is the latest generation model (due for a replacement soon, read here) and features extensive modifications, to the exterior as well as the interior. Here, we shall discuss all the changes in detail. At the front, the car features the same face as the regular Scorpio, but with bull-bar reinforcements for the front bumper and the bonnet. The bull-bars also extend to the side.

The front doors are the same as in the stock car, and feature a side-step for easier ingress and egress. The biggest change, however, begins behind the front doors. The rear door has been sealed shut, and the C- and D-pillars have been removed, along with the roof, to make way for the pick-up bed. Bull-bars have been added here as well. The tailgate has been cut, and only the lower half remains. The taillights have been replaced by the ones on the current Mahindra Thar (which is also due for a generation change, read here).

The interior remains stock in the front row, but has been stripped down completely in the second and third rows. All you get there is a huge expanse of metal sheets covering all exposed surfaces. Interestingly, the rear AC vents have been left untouched, but will probably never be required anymore! Other features, like the touchscreen infotainment system and multi-function steering wheel, also remain.


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Modified Mahindra Scorpio Pickup rear angle


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It should be pointed out that as the Scorpio is underpinned by a ladder-frame chassis, it is easier to delete the pillars and roof of the car. Same would not have been possible on a monocoque chassis. The current generation Mahindra Scorpio is powered by a 2.2-litre ‘mHawk’ diesel engine, which can generate a maximum power of 140 PS and a peak torque of 320 Nm. The motor comes paired to a 6-speed manual transmission.

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