RTO Kerala cancels RC Transfer of modified cars & bikes state-wise

by Jatin Chhibber | 19/04/2019
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An RTO office in Kerala has canceled the transfer of modified cars and bikes in the name of new owners as they flouted the recent norms set by the Supreme Court of India.

The beautiful state of Kerala is known for its mesmerizing beaches and rich heritage. However, something that not many of you might be well aware of is that it contains the highest number of modified cars and bikes. However, this has led to big trouble for the owners of these vehicles. Recently, the local authorities nabbed the offenders and seized all the modified two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Moreover, the local authorities have also even levied hefty fines on the owners of such vehicles.
side profile of the modified SUV

Kerala local authorities have currently tightened their grip around the modified vehicles

Earlier, the authorities sent notices to owners of modified cars and bikes to remove all the modifications and then take their vehicles to the local RTO offices in Kerala for checking. However, installing these aftermarket fitments is an expensive affair, and removing them after spending a large amount of money is quite disheartening. That's why many owners decided to sell their modified vehicles to the people who are passionate about this type of car in other states of India.

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The vehicles would then be taken to the RTO offices in Kerala for inspection.

So, these car owners have put their cars to online selling portals where the local transport authorities are not watchful. But, the RTO Kerala has cracked down on this drift and has started examining the registration offices for the people who are selling their cars and bike with modifications. If the people remove these modifications from their vehicles, only then the local authorities will be signing a NOC (No Objection Certificate) to the owners. The NOC is mandatory to complete the sales process and transfer the vehicle to the new owner's name. The Supreme Court is against the modification of these vehicles due to the rising number of accidents. The new orders are against even the usage of aftermarket wheels, exhausts, and horns. 

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