Tata Sierra EV Concept Inspired by Distinct Greenhouse Of Old Model

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 20/02/2020
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The starting point for Tata Sierra EV Concept was its distinctive wraparound glass area, which is inspired by the original Sierra of the 90s.

Tata Sierra EV concept was the showstopper at Tata Motors' pavilion at the 2020 Auto Expo. It was a nostalgic moment for many to see a new generation of the car they would’ve thought of buying as a kid. The concept car looked futuristic with traditional design elements of the original Sierra like the wraparound glass at the rear. The wraparound glass piece for the roof and windows was the key highlight for the Sierra back when it was on sale in the early 90s. In a conversation with a media outlet, the design chiefs of Tata Motors, Bose and Ulharik mentioned the importance of wraparound glass piece in the conceptualization of the Sierra EV Concept.

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Distinct Greenhouse of Original SUV Inspiration for New Tata Sierra EV concept

According to Tata Motors' design chief, the wraparound glass piece was the starting point for the concept's design.

The duo revealed the glass piece was the starting point for the design team allocated for the Sierra EV Concept. The show model is a much smaller car in dimensions than the original SUV of the 90s. The space inside the concept is, however, at par with the older car. “When the concept was presented to the management, they were really surprised about it. I remember that as being a breakthrough moment,” Uhlarik said.

Mr. Bose added, the idea behind the sliding doors used on the Sierra EV Concept. The whole point of adding them was not about making the egress and ingress a little easier, but to park the vehicle in tighter spots and get off with the help of sliding doors. Pointing on the absence of any infotainment screen or music system on the Sierra EV Concept, Bose revealed, the Sierra will be marketed as a recreational vehicle to get away from the chores of daily life. The major part of those chores are the digital devices, and thus Sierra lacks an infotainment screen.

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Distinct Greenhouse of Original SUV Inspiration for New Tata Sierra EV concept

The Sierra will be a recreational vehicle in its production form and will be free from any screen for an infotainment system.

He added, “Reclaiming your life means getting away from your email, the mobile device. It is a different way of approaching the same escape. Earlier you physically escaped and now you want to digitally escape. This car, by cleaning it all up, gives you that option at least.”

The Sierra is still in its concept form, and a lot of design elements will go for a toss to meet the cost constraints and safety parameters. To price the car competitively, Tata designers will have to pen the actual design in a bid to keep the HVAC system’s health in check as well. So, if the Sierra EV Concept in its production form will do with a wraparound glass roof is yet not known.

Source- Cardesignnews.com

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