Tesla Likely To Enter India By 2020, Suggests Elon Musk

by Harish Kumar | 20/03/2019
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After four years of planning, Tesla Motors earmarked $5 billion investment in a facility in China, which will become the first Tesla’s car-manufacturing factory outside the US border.

Tesla’s CEO- Elon Musk is still not giving up bringing Tesla cars to India. In his recent tweet on Twitter, Musk suggests that the very first Tesla model could be brought into the Indian car space this year.

“Would love to be there this year. If not, definitely next!”, said Tesla’s billionaire Chief Executive Officer. It was in late last year that Musk insisted to the world that the company had been gearing up for introducing their models to the fourth largest auto market in the globe. And it was also nearly ten months since he blamed “some challenging government regulations” for preventing the American automotive corporation from setting foot in the Indian space. Actually, the carmaker even confirmed India to be one of the countries where the Tesla Model 3 would make its way to by 2017. Sadly though, no cars have yet come to India. So this time, whether the possibility of a Tesla-branded EV to come to our market is merely an “airy promise” or not, says, is hard to affirm.

Elon Musk, Tesla Model X

Elon Musk once again confirmed to bring Tesla to India by 2019-2020

However, considering the seriousness in the globally-known CEO’s words, we can believe in the future where a multi-billion automaker like Tesla to find the way for renewable energy in India. Apparently, India is a promising playground for electric vehicle manufacturers, but it is still standing far behind the neighbouring China where EVs segment get tremendous government supports and sufficient charging stations.

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The Indian government, as we said before, has recently drawn up plans to push the popularity of electric vehicles among the market. Tax incentives, free parking and registration charges, etc. are to name some of the practical government’s actions to encourage manufacturing and using electricity-powered vehicles. Genuine enthusiasts also pay much attention to electric cars, especially from Tesla Motors these days. In fact, there are many auto fantasists who have privately imported some Tesla cars like the Model X and Model S in the Indian market that hit the headlines multiple times. From now on, what can be done is to wait for Tesla to come to us in the coming time, or else, to hope for a more concrete plan from the carmaker for our country.

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