Warranty Offered by Volkswagen can be Extended to 7 years in India

by Mohammed Burman | 27/08/2018
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Only the cars serviced at the company service centres are entitled to this add-on warranty.

A seven-year extended warranty plan has been offered to all customers in Inda by Volkswagen. Under this program, all Volkswagen’s customers in India can make use of the warranty till the last minute of the seventh year or less than 125,000 kilometres on the odometer.

Volkwagen car, white color, from back to front, bridge background

Volkwagen offers extented warranty up to seven years

The option of one-year or 20,000-kilometres extended warranty will also be offered but has to be done 30 days before warranty or no more than 15 days after the warranty has expired.

This add-on warranty will cover important elements of the vehicle such as engine, fuel system, suspension transmission, steering, brakes, air conditioning and cooling unit, oil seals and electrical system. 

The warranty is applicable to such models as Vento, Tiguan, Polo, and Passat. To avail this warranty, vehicles will need to have a proper record of its undergone scheduled service at authorized service centres. All repair work must be conducted by authorized dealers. Plus, taxi and other vehicles with commercial registration numbers will not be entitled to this extended warranty.

With this warranty, customers do not have to worry about any unforeseen repair work or high replacement costs. The warranty can be transferred to a new owner, but not to any other vehicle.

This step of Volkswagen to offer add-on warranty coincides with a time period when many other car makers in India in particular and around the world in general such as Toyota and Honda are also providing a seven-year extended warranty. Buyers should remember that any aftermarket alterations would invalidate the warranty and they had better conform to terms and conditions of the extended warranty. 

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