2020 Mahindra Thar Examples Look Uber Cool with Modifications from Bimbra 4x4

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 04/02/2021
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Here are two modified examples of 2020 Mahindra Thar, that are now shod with a slew of bolt-on accessories and aftermarket parts from the bin of Bimbra 4x4. Take a look at them here.

Mahindra launched the new-gen model of the Thar in the Indian market last year. With the updated styling, new engine-gearbox combinations, and modern interior, the Thar managed to grab a lot of bookings. The 2020 Mahindra Thar currently has a long waiting period of around 10 months. Yes! It is indeed a tough job to get your hands on the 2020 Mahindra Thar. But in case Mahindra has already delivered yours, here are two modified examples of the new-gen Thar, which are customized by a Gurgaon-based modified – Bimbra 4x4. These models get a slew of accessories that have increased the accessibility of the new cabin and upped the visual appeal of the exterior. The video comes from the YouTube channel of Bunny Punia.


Modified Mahindra Scorpio Pickup by Bimbra 4X4 Looks Dashing


The host shares details of the modifications which are performed on these Thars in this video. He starts with the black one, which gets a 7-slat radiator grille and a custom bumper. These aftermarket parts are finished in Line-X. The headlamps and fog lamps are updated as well. Interestingly, the tuner has managed to use the stock wiring for all the lighting equipment to keep the warranty intact. On the sides, the "Being Beefy" theme is continued. Also, the Line-X coating can be seen over the wheel claddings and sidesteps. Moving over to the other example, it too gets an aftermarket grille and front bumper. However, this one gets an Angry Bird-tyre grille.

2020 Mahindra Thar Examples Look Uber Cool with Modifications from Bimbra 4x4

The bumpers used on these modified examples of 2020 Thar are made of FRP. Hence they will not interfere with the airbag deployment in an event of crash. Furthermore, these examples are shod with a set of BF Goodrich tyres that look meaty. However, wheel spacers have been used to widen the wheel track. The black Thar gets 30 mm wheel spacers, while the copper one gets 50 mm spacers. On the inside, Bimbra 4x4 has installed a centre front armrest, along with a grab handle. For the rear occupants, the armrests are fixed on the wheel wheels. They also get cup holders and USB charging points. Bimbra 4x4 has fixed a radio set up on the Thar for the in-convoy communications.

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