5 Impressively Customized Cars Which Are Based On The Maruti 800s [Video]

by Mohammed Burman | 13/03/2019
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Although the Maruti Zuuki 800 has been discontinued for quite some time, it is still memorized by numerous people in India and can still be caught sight of in numerous forms. Below is a list of five modified Maruti 800s that would catch your attention at first sight.

Four of the vehicles below are developed by MAGNETO 11, a customization garage which usually customizes the Maruti 800 to make it look like other vehicles. One in the list is from D.K. Youtube channel. Read on to discover the five 5 modified cars which you would not believe that they are originally Maruti 800, but it is real.

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Maruti 800 – Audi R8

When it comes to sports cars, Audi R8 might be the first which appear in the mind of many auto enthusiasts. The Maruti 800 has been customized to look like an Audi R8. It comes with a redesigned layered bumper in the front and a kit of six projector headlights. An Audi logo is equipped in the front grille. Vents are attached to the side profile of the Maruti 800 to make it resemble the Audi R8. In the rear, the vehicle looks modest with round headlights and separately turn indicators. Inside the cabin, two seats and an open roof are the only two common features between the Audi R8 and the Maruti 800.

The Maruti 800 has been creatively modified to look like a much more luxurious car, the Audi R8

Maruti 800 - Maruti Hummer

The Maruti Hummer is an American legendary robust SUV which will threaten any people. The designers at Magneto have made every endeavour to make this Maruti 800 look like the iconic Hummer. In the front, the car receives a grille which has been redesigned to resemble the Hummer. A bumper, two projector headlamps as well as thick and heavy tyres have also been equipped to lend an off-road appearance to the car. A large number of body flares have been attached to the car to give it a more muscular look. However, it is the small size that is the reason why this modified car fails to intimidate anyone and look like a toy car.

Despite many modifications done by the Magneto garage, the Maruti 800 fails to "become" a Maruti Hummer"

Maruti 800 – off-roader

The increasing demand for SUVs in India has encouraged Magneto to develop an open-top car from the Maruti 800, which takes the inspiration source from an SUV. The customized car has a 6-seater layout with the two rear benches facing each other, positioned in the open flatbed. Four projector headlamps and a modified bonnet which resembles Jeep SUVs are equipped to the front. According to the video, the platform of the Maruti 800 has been strengthened with additional welding metal parts to make sure that it maintains stability when off-roading. Generally, the vehicle looks exceptional with a more robust appearance. Nevertheless, it remains to come with a front-wheel drive system, which is not an ideal feature for off-roading.

By being equipped with a wide range of off-road features, the Maruti 800 nearly becomes an off-roader

Maruti 800 – Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar is one of the favourite off-roaders of the Indian auto buyers, thanks to its bold stance and impressive off-road capabilities. Inspired by this popular off-roader, Magneto has modified the Maruti Suzuki 800 to make it resemble the Mahindra Thar as much as possible. To copy the off-road look of the Thar, a fake winch integrated to the front of the Maruti 800 with the plastic rope winding. The bumper and the bulbar have also been redesigned to give the vehicle a more off-roading look. Four lamps are mounted on to the roof. A snorkel is also equipped, but it is still open to question whether it works or not.

The Maruti 800 has been thoroughly modified to look like a real off-roader, the Mahindra Thar

Maruti 800 - Maruti 800 Coupe

Maruti 800 has also been transformed into a beautiful coupe with a wide range of new features. It comes with a newly-designed body which is covered in a beautiful purple paint scheme. A new chopped-off roof which can descend quickly has also been added, which gives a Coupe look to the car. In the rear, it is equipped with fashionable round taillights and turn indicators.  

After receiving some a new chopped-off roof among other modifications, the Maruti 800 looks like a beautiful coupe

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Above is a list of five most stunning modified Maruti 800. Which one in the list impresses you the most? Let us know in the comment section below.

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