10 Most Annoying Habits of Car Passengers

by Harish Kumar | 04/01/2021
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IndianAuto has put together the list of 10 most annoying things a car passenger can do get on the driver’s nerves. Read on to know about these bad habits

No one can be perfect. We can be guilty of having bad habits sometimes but it does not mean we can inflict them upon others in an enclosed space like in the car. IndianAuto has put together the list of 10 most annoying things a car passenger can do get on the driver’s nerves. Prepare yourself and read on to know if you have ever got into a bad passenger habit in the below list.


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1. Impolite Seating Manner

The first annoying passenger habit that should be aware of is some impolite seating manners you have on the go. Apart from being chauffeured by your close friend or so, don’t take the seats like you’re sitting on the sofa in your own living room. Putting your feet up on the dash, uh..oh, isn’t it looking so ugly?

impolite seating manner

2. Making A Mess In Car

Imagine you are a driver who’s busy behind the wheel, do you want the passengers to make your car a messy place? Such actions can bug the hell out of the drivers, believe us, no matter how gentle and patient he is. To tell the truth, eating in the car is not a preferred action, given the smell of food and the untidy space that you may release. Ketchup stains on the seat or floor, the crackling noise from your mouth, littering the rubbish, etc. may irritate the driver very much and distract him or her from the drive. In most cases, if you really want to eat something inside the car, you’d better ask for the driver’s permission beforehand.

3. Giving Unwelcome Driving Advice / Back-seat Driving

For us, backseat-driving should be of the most annoying things a car passenger can do to annoy the driver. One should always remember that it’s the guy behind the wheel who’s controlling the vehicle, not the passenger. Surely, drivers may ask for your inputs at some certain points but it doesn’t mean you can be too demanding over and over again. That’s to say, backseat drivers who constantly commenting or giving directions can be a true nightmare for those who’re staying behind the steering wheel. Remember, the most important thing one should follow to have an entirely safe drive is not to distract the driver during the commutes.

backseat driver image


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4. Smoking or Vaping

Smoking in a public area is such a bad activity of people and so is inside the car. We’re not talking about how smoking affects people's health today as that’s been common knowledge. Smoking inside the car can displease the others next to you. If you are a driver and you don’t want to be regretting as the smoke or smell gets into the upholstery for a long while, tell the passenger to smoke/ vape on the outside of the vehicle, preferably in the smoking area.

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5. Slamming The Doors

It’s not something that happens often, but the level of irritation it causes is just the same. Therefore, slamming the doors is also one of ten annoying car passenger habits you may incidentally or deliberately perform in some certain cases. It’s no doubt that you need to use a bit of force to shut the doors properly but we don’t need them to be closed with an extra hard slam for sure!


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6. Playing with the Dashboard like a Hyperactive Kid

You may want to change the radio station or the opening music may not put you at your ease sometimes. You are curious that what’s inside the glove compartment. However, take heed of asking the driver first before putting your hand on them.

7. Opening and Closing the Windows

It’s not that annoying as the aforementioned habits, but it can be distracting. Opening and closing the windows again and again as you get bored of staying inside the car, sticking your head out of the car’s windows and so on should be avoided definitely. If you need a breath of fresh air in case of motion sickness, ask the driver before opening the car’s window.

8. Asking to Drop off While the Driver’s Looking for Parking

You may notice this occasionally on the TV where passengers ask a sudden drop-off while the car is not coming to a halt. However, don’t do that in real life, unless the driver may offer. Wait until the car completely stops at the parking lot. In case you are in a tearing hurry, ask the driver if dropping you off at that place is all fine.

9. Taking Selfies or Photos of the Driver

10 Most Annoying Car Passenger Habits On The Drive - taking selfies of driver

Road trips, especially the long ones, won’t be complete without a selfie or two. However, one should keep in mind that the driver has to keep his/her eyes ahead on the roads so don’t go overboard at this point. Taking selfies, pictures or videos can increasingly distract the drivers that may put both you and him in danger.

10. Getting Road Rage on Driver’s Behalf

It won’t be happening that often but it’s surely one of the most annoying things a car passenger can do to get the driver’s back up during the go. The driver should always keep calm in driving in most cases so why the passenger needs to behave violently?

If you find our article of 10 most annoying passenger habits helpful, you may want to know more of our interesting car stories, detailed car tips and advice for more inspiration to make your trips hassle-free!

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