4 Amazing Practical Driving Tips For Women

by IndianAuto Team | 15/10/2018
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The number of females sitting behind the wheel is on the increase, and there are some things that the beautiful ladies need to keep in mind when they have a car to drive.

There is a pretty notorious stereotype among people that female drivers are the most terrible drivers on the street. The ladies obviously do not like to hear that, but if you are to be 100% honest with yourself, the complaint does hold some water; a lot of female drivers are not so good at handling their cars. But we ladies do not have to endure that stereotype anymore. We want all the beautiful ladies out there to be more confident and proficient with their driving, and we will have a proud moment together when the stereotype no longer exists. If you say that you are a great female driver already and you do not care about the stereotype, there are still some things that are specific to women that you need to always keep in mind when you drive.

1. Relax

We think the greatest factor that makes the female driver fidgety and have the tendency to wobble on the street is her mentality. For many reasons (this is another topic and we will not go there), the ladies are more likely to be hesitant and afraid when making a decision on the road because you fear that you may make a mistake and cause an accident. But the truth is quite the opposite. You are the one who creates the greatest danger for yourself when you feel on edge while driving. We have seen quite a few female drivers who are so hesitant when crossing the streets that when she finally makes up her mind to do so, other vehicles are so close to her that they skip each other within a hair’s breadth. That is definitely not a safe scenario you would want to be in. If you are scared that you may cause an accident, a survey done in the United States shows that 71% car accidents are caused by men and 29% by women. We women are known for our attentiveness and carefulness, so relax, keep your head up as if you were carrying a crown on your head, look straight ahead, and drive away.

Another element that adds to the anxiety of female drivers is the opinionated thoughts and behaviours of many men. Only 11% drivers in India are women, so when one is spotted on the street, she is likely to receive judging eyes and not so nice remarks such as “What are you doing here?”. If you are really in the wrong while staying behind the wheel, acknowledge your mistake, apologize, and keep on driving. In a lot of situations, you are driving just fine and a few rude male drivers will try to pass your car or honk at you when you happen to be in front of them. If that happens to you, you should just let those douchebags be and do your thing.

Woman driver freaking out

You should not be nervous and hesitant when you are behind the wheel

2. Say no to heels

We all love a nice pair of heels or stilettos to make our legs more straight and toned, and our figure more elegant and attractive. But you just have to leave those beloved high heels for occasions other than driving. Footwears with high or chunky heels can get stuck between the gaps in car and they greatly interfere with braking and acceleration. If the pointy heels are ever caught in the brake or accelerator, the possibility of accident is high. So, when you drive, stay away your pointy shoes and wear something that is flatter, comfortable, and practical.

High heel stuck in car

High heels trapped in the brake or accelerator can be very dangerous

3. Know your car

Ladies, if you are ready to purchase a car for yourself and you are not afraid to take the wheel, you’ve gotta learn the basic mechanical stuff about your lovely four-wheelers. The short reason is that: If the men can do it, we can do it too. The longer version is that: You should at least know some fundamental things like changing tyres, refilling gas, adding oil, and so on, so that you are not likely to be stranded on the highways or ripped off by some random mechanics on the side of the road when your car refuses to run. Many female drivers find themselves perplexed and helpless when there is a minor problem with their cars, and for the sake of simplicity and time efficiency, it is much better if you learn these things and minimise the possibility of relying on others.

Side note: this is not to say that you should resist from asking for help under all circumstances. Ask for help when you need help, but in situations that you are fully capable of taking care of by yourself, you should just do it.

Woman filling gas

You need to learn the basic things about your car so that you can take care of it

4. Protect yourself

Driving in India is not particularly safe for women and if you intend to be a female driver, it is of pivotal importance that you have some self-defense methods available at your fingertips. Women sometimes are easy target for jerks not because we are weaker but because we are not alert and this shows in our behaviours. So, first thing you would want to keep in mind when you get into your car is to be cautious of the surroundings. Some simple tips such as do not drive alone at night, do not drive at dark places, do not stay in your car for too long in the parking lot, and so on are something that have to be in your mind as clearly as how you know your own name. If you spot a suspicious person following you, you should go into a crowded place or seek help from the police. It is highly recommended that you prepare an emergency kit that includes flashlight, blanket, water, and cellphone in case your car fails in the middle of nowhere. And there are chances of fake policemen approaching your car and you do not feel safe, leave your window open just enough so you can talk to them, and do not leave your car. One thing you must not forget when you are behind the wheel is that your phone must be on all the time, so in case of emergency, you are able to call for help.

Woman driving a car

You have to take serious measures to protect yourself if you decide to drive a car

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