[Celebrity Car Collection] Sachin Tendulkar’s BMW i8 Gets Modified and Looks Sick

by Vivaan Khatri | 06/04/2019
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Sachin Tendulkar's well-known BMW i8 has just recently been modified. And his BMW i8 looks more stunning than ever.

Sachin Tendulkar must be one of the hugest BMW fans in India. The former cricketer is not shy showing his passion for BMW cars. The proof is that he has a lavish collection of BMWs that range from BMW M3, M4 and the 7 Series to the futuristic-styled BMW i8.

He is usually seen driving this beloved BMW i8 now and then. He also has a habit of driving around Mumbai every morning on his sleek i8 while the rest of us are busy dreaming about getting one. That’s to say how much he loves this car. The hybrid supercar, which was originally painted in white with blue, now has a new look. As soon as he got the car, he ordered a thorough custom job that transformed the car into a red-painted vehicle with blue accents. Even though the i8 is not as unique as it was back in the 2015-2016, Sachin’s BMW i8 still has a distinct look due to the recent set of mods. 

sachin BMW i8 front look

Sachin's BMW i8 is transformed the second time and turns out to be more aggressive than ever

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Sachin has sought help from DC Design, arguably the hottest car customization garage in India. And the result is just amazing. After being modified for the second time, Sachin's BMW i8 gets even more aggressive and stylish. At the front face, in place of the old black-out grille, it now bears a revised unit with vertical slats. The blue highlight is also eliminated and replaced by black highlights. And the air dams are now enlarged. A bumper splitter is added to give a dose of sportiness to the front.

sachin BMW i8 rearlook

The rear is designed to appear more sporty and sleeker

DC Design also shows its playful magic at the rear side by giving it a customised bumper that completely transforms the aesthetics. Quad exhaust pipes are added while the rear bumper is now vented, making the BMW i8 appear wider when being observed from the back. The BMW is powered by a hybrid system that consists of a 1.5-litre, 3-cylinder petrol engine and an electric motor. The internal combustion engine is good for 231 Bhp and 321 Nm. Combined with the electric motor, the i8 can boost the power output to 362 bhp and 570 Nm.

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