Check Out This Honda Civic Type-R Lookalike

by Kshitij Rawat | 19/06/2020
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Here, we have a Honda Civic that has been modified to look like its performance-oriented sibling, the Honda Civic Type-R.

If you are an auto enthusiast, chances are that you’ve always wanted to own a sportscar. Sadly not all of us can afford one, especially with the exorbitant taxes such cars have to pay. That, however, hasn’t stopped people from trying to fulfil their dream! There are plenty of people who buy a regular car and then modify it into a sportscar or supercar lookalike. We’ve covered plenty of examples of these on IndianAuto, but this time we have a simpler yet much smarter mod job.

modified Honda Civic front

You might recognise this car as a Honda Civic Type-R, but in reality, this is just a simple, regular Honda Civic! The pictures you see here were posted on an Instagram page called carcrazy.india. The car has undergone plenty of changes in exterior design, which we shall cover here. The front end of the car now features blacked-out elements instead of chrome, and the ‘Honda’ logo is featured in red colour. The foglamps a housed in the side (faux) air vents on the bumper, which also gets a large air dam. There is a faux chin spoiler to add even more aggression to the design.


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modified Honda Civic side and rear angle

At the sides, there isn’t a lot of change to the car, except for the new dual-tone alloy wheels and the side skirts. At the rear, we see a large spoiler mounted on the boot, and a small roof-mounted spoiler with a unique design. The Honda logo is, once again, red in colour. The rear bumper features faux air vents, and there is a fake diffuser as well. Popping from the centre of the diffuser are the three exhaust pipes, which lend this car even more sportiness. The roof has been finished in gloss black, which looks nice against the bright yellow paint scheme of the rest of this Civic.


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Sadly, no information was available about the owner of the vehicle or the mechanical changes made to it. A stock Honda Civic is available with a 1.8-litre, naturally aspirated, inline-4 petrol engine. This motor is capable of generating 140 PS and 174 Nm, and comes paired to only a CVT (no manual gearbox on offer). There used to be a diesel powerplant on offer as well, but it was discontinued earlier this year. As for the Civic Type R, it is powered by a turbocharged 2.0-litre petrol engine, which is capable of generating 306 PS and 295 Nm. It comes paired to only a 6-speed manual gearbox.


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