This Old-Gen Honda Civic Has Been Modified To Look Like The Latest Model

by Mohammed Burman | 17/04/2019
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Recently, an old Honda Civic has been modified comprehensively to look like the latest model. Read on to discover how this was made possible

After almost seven years of wait, the tenth-gen Honda Civic was launched in the Indian auto market last month. The new Civic has already tasted success with 2,400 bookings made in just 40 days from the commencement of the bookings. 

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2006 honda civic modified black different angle

The eighth-gen Honda Civic has been modified to look like a tenth-gen model.

Looking at this modified Honda Civic, we're pretty sure many owners of the earlier-gen model would want to upgrade their vehicles to look like the newest generation. Thorough modifications have been done to the front and rear of the vehicle to make it look like the newest-gen model as much as possible. That said, it may be noted that the changes are limited to the cosmetics.

2006 honda civic modifed black front

Comprehensive upgrades have been done to the old-gen Honda Civic.

At the front, like the new Civic and all other new-gen Honda sedans, the modified car comes with a single-slat chunky grille. The original headlamps have been substituted with LED units, while the bumper has been restyled to have a more aggressive look.

2006 honda civic modified black rear

The rear of the vehicle has also been altered quite a lot to look like the newest-gen model.

At the rear, the modified Honda Civic gets new C-shaped LED taillights which bear a strong resemblance to those on the tenth-gen Civic. The car also gets Type R-spec Honda insignia and a huge boot lid spoiler to complete the sporty look. While the modified vehicle does not completely look like the latest-gen model, we think that it is a highly successful mod job. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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[Images source: Gaadiwaadi]

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