To Force His Father To Buy It For Him, Chinese Man Scratches A New BMW Car

by Mohammed Burman | 12/12/2019
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Recently, a man from China has made the whole world shocked when scratching a BMW car to make his father buy it for him.

As children, we have a tendency to unreasonably go up the wall or even burst into tears when parents refuse to buy favourite toys for us. The anger will not end until they give in to our requirements and buy us the things we want. Recently, a kid from China also reacted in a crazy way when his father refused to buy him his favourite thing. However, in the end, he could not get his favourite thing and even got arrested. The reasons were that the favourite thing is a real BMW car and the kid is a man who is 22 years old.

The incident occurred in Jiangxi, China several days ago. The man went to a BMW showroom for a new vehicle. Then he called someone and eventually, went up the wall. After that, he started to use a key to scratch the dark blue sedan. The police were then immediately called and when they came, he appeared to be innocent of the damage.  

chinese man scratchhes bmw car

The man was arrested for his craxy and childish action.

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His action was recorded by the CCTV, which forced him to tell the truth. The man stated that his father has promised to buy a car for him if he passed the driving test. However, maybe an MBW car is beyond his father’s reach; therefore, the answer to his requirement is “No”. Finally, it remains unrevealed whether his father paid for the car or not. Watch the video below for more information.

After the above video was released on the Internet, many Weibo users were angry at the man’s childish behaviour.  

One wrote:

"He's already 22 and still acting like a child? His parents are at fault for spoiling him. As a grown-up, he should work on buying the car himself."

Another went as far as saying that in the foreseeable future, he would become a real troublemaker. 

Whether in the end, the man got the thing he wanted or not, we can draw a lesson from here: Instead of letting the anger interfere with our action, we should think twice before doing anything.

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