Here’s All You Need To Know About Parking Charges At Pune Airport

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 27/11/2019
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Parking charges at airports and availability of a vacant spot are inversely proportional to each other. Somehow, the case is a wee bit different at Pune International Airport. How? Read here.

Parking Facility At Pune Airport

Pune has vivid Marathi heritage associated with its history, and the city of Pune also served as an airbase to protect Bombay during the World War-II. Now, however, that airbase serves as an airport for the city after a lot of changes from what it used to be. With a 2.5Km long runway, Pune airport serves more than 10 million travellers every year. Located 10 km away from the city in the northwest direction, Pune airport serves as a military and civil airport. With flights connecting the city to international and domestic locations, the airport is quite a busy one in terms of footfall it receives and the number of vehicles coming to pick up and drop the passengers. For that reason, the airport offers a well-maintained parking space to accommodate vehicles. Also the parking charges are not much either, compared to other airports like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. If you want to know about the parking charges at Pune airport, below is the complete breakdown of the same.

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Parking Charges At Pune Airport

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Private 4-Wheelers Parking Fees At Pune Airport

 Time Period Car Parking Charges in Chennai Airport
 First 2 hours  Rs. 85
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 20 per hour (Max. Rs. 185)
 For 24 hours  Rs. 255

Airport Authority of Pune allows the vehicles to access the terminal for a drop-n-go or pickup services but making a halt any longer than 3 minutes will attract fines. It is better to park the car and then access the terminal if the plan is to stay there for more than 3 minutes, which is convenient since Pune airport has abundant and affordable parking space.

Currently, there’s just one car parking facility available at the airport. There’s no differentiation, like VIP or Regular parking. For the initial 2 hours, the user will have to pay Rs. 85 and an increment of Rs. 20 per hour will be charged for any extra duration up to 7 hours. If parking for a duration of more than 7 hours or up to 24 hours, a sum of Rs. 255, which means that overnight car parking at Pune airport would set one back by Rs. 255. There’s a twist in this lovely tale of affordable airport parking though! SUVs don’t fall under the category of 4-wheelers, instead, they are charged according to the slab fixed for trucks and tempos.

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SUV/Truck/Tempo/Bus Parking Rates At Pune Airport

 Time Period Commercial 4-Wheelers Parking Charges in Pune Airport
 First 2 hours  Rs. 100
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 20 per hour (Max. Rs. 200)
 For 24 hours  Rs. 300

Pune airport authority has been generous at not having a different category for commercial vehicles like cabs or coaches. They just have a separate category for buses, trucks, tempos, and SUVs. The charges for this category are Rs. 100 for the initial 2 hours and after which an increment of Rs. 20 for every subsequent hour is charged up to 7 hours. After 7 hours, Pune airport charges Rs. 300 for a duration of up to 24 hours.

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2-Wheelers Parking Costs At Pune Airport

 Time Period 2-Wheelers Parking Charges in Pune Airport
 First 2 hours  Rs. 20
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 10 per hour (Max. Rs. 70)
 For 24 hours  Rs. 70

Pune airport also offers a dedicated place to park 2-wheelers at very nominal charges. The parking charges for the first 2 hours for a 2-wheeler is a mere Rs. 20. After the initial 2-hour duration, Rs. 10 per hour will be charged for every subsequent hour. For a duration of more than 7 hours and up to 24 hours a sum of Rs. 60 would be charged.

Car Parking At Pune Airport

These are parking charges you need to pay in order to use the parking facility at Pune airport. There are no extra night charges applicable on the aforementioned parking fees and a monthly pass cannot be availed as of now. Though Pune airport is expanding its terminal and will come up with a bigger-better multi-level car parking which will offer better parking experience at a relatively higher price. We will also update you about that once it is operational, so keep checking

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