Facts About Car Parking In Tirumala No One Will Tell you

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 25/11/2019
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Tirumala is one famous pilgrimage across Hindu devotees, but finding a place to your car there can be a tough task. Don't worry, we've got you covered! Read here to check-out all the parking available in the town of Tirumala near Tirupati Balaji Temple.

Tirumala is a small town in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India. In 2011, it had a population of just 7,741 people, registering a population density of 240 people per square kilometres. Tirumala town is famous for the renowned Tirupathi Balaji Temple also known as Venkateshwara Temple, which addresses a footfall of around 60,000 people daily. The mythological belief associated with the temple invites a lot of visitors to the small hill town of the Tirumala, which results in inadequate parking space for tourists in this small town.

Car Parking In Tirumala

If you're planning to visit Tirumala anytime soon, it's better you prepare beforehand. There are a lot of parking spaces available, and with proper research, you can avoid causing trouble to local residents, other tourists, and law-enforcement authorities. Here’s a list of all the car parking facilities in Tirumala available for visitors.

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MBC Car Parking - 1km from Tirupati Balaji temple

MCB parking is located on Sankumitta road and is just a kilometre away from the temple premises. To reach the temple premises from MBC parking lot will take 15 minutes by foot. If, however, you aren't keen on walking, the temple is just a 5-min ride by an auto-rickshaw or a cab.

SMGH Car Parking - 450m from Tirupati Balaji temple

SMGH parking in Tirumala is located on Rita road. This facility has abundant space available to park your car and is an extremely accessible option, as SMGH car parking is just 450 meters away from the Tirupati Balaji temple. Being this close, you can just walk for 5-10 minutes between the parking lot and the temple. Another benefit of this parking space possesses is the close access to the NRI gate of the temple, which is great for NRI tourists.

SMC Car Parking (Sinku Mitta Cottage) - 200m from Tirupati Balaji temple 

The queue complex in the Tirupati Balaji temple in Tirumala is known as the Sinku Mitta cottage, and it has its own parking place. This parking facility is capable enough to hold space for 400 cars. Also, as SMC parking is a free amenity, parking here will not cost you any money whatsoever. The parking space is also not too far from the temple gates, 200 meters to be precise. That said, the parking space is not paved, and it gets a little muddy and messy during the rainy season. That, however, is nothing to complain about, for a parking space, which is right next to the temple premises and offers space for free.

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Tirumala Car Parking - 700m from Tirupati Balaji temple 

The next car parking on our list is the Tirumala car parking. Located in Balaji Nagar in Tirumala, it is just 700 meters away from the gate of temple premises. Hands down, we will rate it as the best parking space available around the shrine. With no charges to park the car, it offers a well-maintained and secured parking space to the devotees. It's not the closest from the temple gates, but a 10-min walk from the car park to the temple isn't anything to complain about.

TTD & ATC Car Parking - 300m from Tirupati Balaji temple 

Car Parking In Tirumala

If you think that 700 meters are too much to walk, there’s another parking space on our list of car parking in Tirumala, TTD & VIP car parking it is. TTD & VIP car parking is located just 300 meters away from the temple premises around Sannidhi Street in Tirumala town. It is a well-paved, open parking space which is maintained by TTD and ATC and is often referred to as ATC car parking. It is the actual parking space offered by the Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam, which is an ATC undertaking. From here one can also reach the VIP entry gates of the temple with just a walk, and thus it also has a car parking space reserved for VIPs.

Ram Baghicha Car Parking - 300m from Tirupati Balaji temple 

Baghicha parking is located on the Tirumala-Tirupati road and is just 300 meters away from the temple. It takes a 4-minute walk to reach the temple gates from this parking facility, making it one of the best spot to park your car when visiting the Tirumala temple. Also making it a safe space to park is the fact that it is manned and there are automatic barriers installed on the gates of this parking. It is a well-paved space and also offers parking space for motorbikes and heavy vehicles, apart from cars.

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Bus Stand Car Parking - 1km from Tirupati Balaji temple

You can also park your car at the bus terminal’s parking. Generally, the bus stand parking is vacant, since most people coming to bus stand come by other modes of public transport, thus making a bus stop parking ideal parking space of other vehicles. The bus stand is located on the Sannidhi Street and is just half a kilometre away from the temple premises.

With these 7 well-located parking places, comes an end to our list of car parking in Tirumala. We hope that our efforts will suffice your need and if you know of any more car parks Tirumala, please let us know so that we can add them here on the list. Also, you also check our list of car parks available at different crowd-pulling locations in India.

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