Hindustan Ambassador Could Return As A Muscular EV From Peugeot

by Kshitij Rawat | 19/06/2020
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According to multiple media reports, Groupe PSA could be planning to relaunch the iconic Hindustan Ambassador in India.

Hindustan Ambassador is one of the most iconic vehicles in Indian automotive history. First introduced in 1957, the Ambassador continued to be on sale till 2014. This is the longest production run for a car in India. Surprisingly, for its 56 years of production, the car never received any major overhaul. The Ambassador was seen as a symbol of luxury, and was the choice of transport for many politicians and government officers. The end of its production brought sadness to the hearts of many auto enthusiasts all over the country.

Hindustan Ambassador under Groupe PSA

In 2017, the PSA group acquired the rights to the “Ambassador” nameplate. We already know that PSA will be launching the Citroën brand in India in 2021, and the acquisition of that name means that there could be a new-generation Ambassador in the works, or at least the drawing board. Nostalgia is a strong sentiment, and can strengthen a brand’s value if used correctly. Of course, Groupe PSA will have to ensure that the vehicle launched with the Ambassador badge should be a smart-looking and appropriately priced car.


This Hindustan Ambassador-inspired Maruti Dzire Looks Very Classy

Peugeot e-Legend as Hindustan Ambassador EV

While it would be a smart choice to develop a new retro-styled car to fit the nameplate, that might be a little too expensive for PSA’s early years in India. Instead, we could see a rebadged and/or redesigned version of some of Peugeot or Citroën’s international models. This could help cut-down on RnD costs significantly, but it could be a wasted potential if the donor car isn’t chosen appropriately. That being said, the Peugeot e-Legend concept is quite a nice fit in this description. Although it was only a concept car when showcased at 2018 Paris Motor Show, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that Groupe PSA could attach the Ambassador name to its production model.


Sunny Leone's Dream Car PINK Hindustan Ambassador with Automatic Transmission

Lastly, electric vehicles are the future of mobility, so it would make sense for PSA to dip its toes in that market space. EV vehicles are still not as popular as fossil-fuel-powered cars, but luxury EVs do enjoy a decent buyership among car buyers. If Peugeot introduces a low-volume luxury electric car with the Ambassador name attached, the brand might have a winner on their hands.

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