Hyundai Creta Diesel VS Hyundai Venue Diesel in a Drag Race

by Jatin Chhibber | 08/01/2021
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Here’s a drag race between Hyundai Venue and Creta. Watch the video embedded below to know the amazing results

India’s second-largest carmaker Hyundai is popular in the country for offering various category vehicles like a hatchback, sedan, hatchback and SUV. Hyundai Venue and Creta are among the top-selling SUVs in the automakers stable. Hyundai Venue is a sub-4-meter SUV, while the Creta is a compact SUV and both the cars can be easily spotted on the Indian roads. Earlier, we’ve covered a lot of drag races between different vehicles on our website. Here’s one such drag race between now discontinued Hyundai Venue 1.4-litre diesel and Hyundai Creta 1.5-litre diesel. Watch the drag race video embedded below to know the amazing results.


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This video has been uploaded by a YouTube channel named as Mayank Chaudhary. The Youtuber starts the video by showing both SUVs standing alongside each other on an empty straight road. Both cars are powered by a diesel engine, and in total two rounds of drag race were conducted. In the first attempt, as soon as the race starts both cars move off the start line at the same time. There was a good amount of wheel spin, and for a fraction of seconds, it seems like that the Venue will take the lead because it is light in weight as compared to the Creta.



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Within a few seconds, the Hyundai Creta can be seen gaining the speed. It smoothly overtakes the Hyundai Venue and wins the race by a huge margin. In the second attempt, the drivers switched the cars. The second round was more or less like the first attempt as the Hyundai Creta can be seen taking the lead and winning the race. As seen in the video, the Hyundai Creta wins both the rounds of the drag race. This doesn’t mean that the Hyundai Venue is a less powerful SUV. The Hyundai Venue you see here is powered by a 1.4-litre diesel engine, which has now been discontinued. The ongoing model of the SUV is powered by a 1.5-litre diesel engine.

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