Watch Jeep Compass Overcomes Snow In Spiti

by Mohammed Burman | 14/12/2020
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Recently, a Jeep Compass has been taken out to a challenge of overcoming snowed out roads of Spiti. Want to know how it performs in such harsh conditions, read on to discover.

The Jeep Compass is currently one of the best SUVs available in the Indian auto market. Being more highly-priced than many bigger SUVs, the Compass is equipped with a wide range of features, which makes its interior very comfortable and convenient. Thanks to the decade-long off-road engineering expertise of Jeep, the AWD variant of the Jeep Compass can deliver a quite good off-roading performance. Now, the Compass is included in the SUV list of many car owners, especially who want to derive fun from driving the wild beast in the snow. Below is a video by Rishad Saam Mehta which shows how the Jeep Compass performs in a full off-road challenge, the snowed out roads in Spiti. Firstly, let’s have a look at the video.

According to the video, the Jeep Compass, which is a Limited Plus variant, encounters many challenges in the adventure. For your information, Spiti (Lahaul-Spiti) is a district in Himachal Pradesh which is well-known for its natural beauty; it attracts numerous tourists in the summer. Nevertheless, this Compass takes on the challenge in the winter when the roads here are covered with snow, which is why few people can be seen in the video.


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After doing some testing and waiting for a Leopard to appear (which, finally did not show up at all), the driver drives its Compass away to have some fun in the snow. It is important to note that when driving in snow, you should always pack your tyres with snow chains to provide better traction and to prevent control loss on hard or sleet snow. This Compass also had one on the front right tyre and one on the rear left tyre. Thanks to the AWD system and off-road technology of the American automaker, the Compass delivers a fairly good performance on the snow. Specifically, the Jeep Compass offers a snow mode which autonomously spread the power to the wheels in the most suitable way for the conditions.

jeep compass challenge spiti


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The India-spec Jeep Compass is powered by two motor options. The petrol one is a 1.4-litre turbo motor which can generate 160 BHP against 250 Nm while the diesel one is a 2.0-litre Fiat Multijet unit which can deliver 170 BHP against 350 Nm. The transmission duties are undertaken by a standard 6-speed MT on both the two versions and a 7-speed DCT on the petrol one. The petrol version of the Jeep Compass is available with only an FWD system while its diesel counterpart is offered with both FWD and AWD systems. Although the Jeep Compass does not come with a proper 4x4 drivetrain system, the AWD one on the car can still perform quite well on the normal road conditions and can even deal with harsh off-road terrains like those in the video.

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