Journey of Premeire Padmini from Scrap to Restored Damsel

by Jatin Chhibber | 15/04/2021
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Here’s a recent video of a rusty Premier Padmini, which has now been restored to look brand new. Check it out here.

Premier Padmini was among the most popular iconic sedans in India. It was sold in our market from 1970 to 2000. Initially, it was known as 1100 Delight but was rebadged as Premiere Padmini for India. Just like Hindustan Ambassador, there’s still a section of enthusiasts who love this iconic sedan and constantly lookout for some well-maintained examples. Many enthusiasts around India modify it to make it look more eye-catching, but there are still some owners who love to keep it all original. Here’s a recent video, which shows the journey of a Premiere Padmini from scrap to a gorgeous looking daily-driver car.


Modified Premier Padmini – The Return of A Classic Icon


This video has been uploaded on a YouTube channel named Retro Classics India. The video starts by showing the old rusty car standing inside the garage. It seems like that the car was not in working condition, and the body panels have started to rust. The cabin of the iconic sedan gets bench seats at the front and rear with brown upholstery and was looking in a very bad condition. On the outside, the modifier took out all the rusty panels. They first premiered the whole body of the car and then painted it in blue colour shade. The original car was white in colour. To make it look premium, the modifier replaced the rusty chrome inserts with new gleaming chrome accents.



This Modified Premier Padmini Is A Masterpiece

On the sides, it gets a new set of wheels wrapped in tyres with white coloured sidewalls, and it looks quite retro and classy. Inside, the worn-out brown upholstery got replaced by blue coloured upholstery. Moreover, the customizer has replaced the front bench seat with two captain seats. After the restoration job, this Premiere Padmini looks very premium and stylish. The overall cost of all these modifications is not known, but it seems to be pretty expensive. The mechanical specs of the Padmini Premiere are not known. The stock model of the car is powered by a 1.2-litre four-pot petrol unit, which puts 47 Bhp of power and 71 Nm of peak torque. The engine comes paired with a 4-speed MT.

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