Most expensive SUV Karlmann King Featured In Video

by Mohammed Burman | 26/11/2019
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A video of the most expensive SUV in the world, Karlmann King, has recently been released on the Internet, showing what it actually is and why it has such a high price.

When mentioning premium SUVs, we usually talk about the Range Rover SV Autobiography, the Lamborghini Urus, the Bentley Bentayga and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Nevertheless, there is a customized SUV which outdoes all of these vehicles as regards the price, the massive ‘Karlmann King’, the most extravagant SUV on sale in the world.

Karlmann King, the world's most expensive SUV

The most noteworthy point of the luxury ‘Karlmann King’ is the SUV’s asymmetrical styling with two doors on one side and a sole door on the other. The sharp components can be associated with the ‘diamond design’. The surface of the SUV has been made uneven on purpose, to create its uniqueness.  

Commenting on the exorbitant SUV, the Karlmann King’s designer, Luciano D’Ambrosio, stated,

“Instead of trying to find the perfect combination of surfaces, we tried to create a break in the surfaces. It has to be big, dominant, but at the same time not to be so aggressive. It’s absolutely unique.”

Underpinned by Ford F-550’s platform, the ‘Karlmann King’ styling takes the inspiration from a stealth fighter jet. The vehicle features a matte black exterior colour scheme and an all-black interior colour scheme with golden accents inside out. According to the video, customers can choose from different interior options. However, a custom option is also available to you.

karlmann king black front angle

The F550 chassis enables the SUV’s designers to adopt different shells for it, thereby making highly modifiable.  The luxury SUV which costs up to $1 (nearly INR 7.2 crore) million is available with customized exterior and interior to suit the customers’ demands and interests. The SUV is also offered with bullet-proof body armour. This will even make the already high price tag higher. With all the optional equipment in place, the SUV might be priced at over $3 million (nearly INR 21.6 crore)

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