Aftermath Of Leaving The Keys Inside A Tata Harrier

by Jatin Chhibber | 10/07/2020
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Here’s a video where a person forgets his keys inside his Tata Harrier and tries to retrieve it by breaking the glass.

The technology is getting advanced by every passing day, and so is the case with the locks and keys. They have now moved from their mechanical and tactile form to adopt a digitized approach. Thus, the modern-day cars are capable of allowing the owners to enter inside them without using the keys. The use of keys to enter a vehicle is becoming unnecessary as a person can enter his car through keyless entry function. That’s why a lot of people forget about the keys and leave it inside the car. As a safety feature, many new cars lock automatically to secure the vehicle. Here’s a video uploaded by a YouTube channel named as Amar Sakhakar, which shows a Tata Harrier owner, who left his car keys inside the Harrier. The video shows, how much trouble he then faces to get the keys out.


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The owner of the car says that he left the original key inside the car and the car got locked. Moreover, the spare key of the SUV was not working, so the only way to get the key back is to enter inside the vehicle. To retrieve the car key, an attempt was made to break the driver’s side window of the Harrier. Nevertheless, as car glasses are laminated, it is not an easy task to break them. To break the glass, a person first secured the whole window with tape and afterwards he tries to break it with the help of a hammer. Always remember that the car glasses break with sharp edges. They can't easily be broken with something that exerts pressures over a large area. The driver side window was covered with tape to make sure that the broken pieces of glass do not get splattered inside the car.



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The person failed to break the window with a hammer because the pressure was applied to a larger area. The video shows that the serviceman was using full force to break the window but still he fails. Afterwards, he tries to break it with a sharp object and eventually succeeds. The sharp object ensures that the energy is applied to a small area. So, this is one of the easiest ways to break the glass.

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