List of EV Charger Manufacturers in India

by Harish Kumar | 24/04/2020
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Here is the list of biggest electric vehicle charging stations manufacturers in India.

The segment of electric vehicles is developing in India at radical speed. According to the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, the total sales of EV in India increase by 20 % at 1.56 Lakh units in FY 2019- 2020. The major grouse for the development of electric vehicles in India is, no doubts, the lack of charging infrastructure across the country. In a bid to tackle the problem, the Indian Government has made EV charging stations business applicable for all individuals without requiring any complicated qualification criteria. If you are finding ways to start your own business on setting up EV charging stations in India, read on our list of every EV charger manufacturers in India before.

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1. Delta Electronics India

Having expertise in power technologies for more than 40 years, Delta Group is a leading power and energy management company that offers various EV charging solutions for India including AC charger, DC quick charge as well as site management system. The EV chargers manufactured by Delta provides high-performance energy-efficiency of up to 94% while ensuring the high level of safety in accordance with the global standards.


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2. Mass-Tech

Like Delta Electronics, Mass-Tech also offers both AC and DC chargers for electric vehicles along with the installation services.

3. Exicom

Established in 1994 in collaboration with Exicom Australia, Exicom is an Indian company that provides power and mobility solution for the Indian market. The company manufactures Bharat EV chargers and batteries with EV charging solutions for both home and public charging varying the types of vehicles including two-, three-wheelers, passenger cars along with commercial vehicles.

4. ABB India

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Being a leading tech company in power grids, robotics, electrification products, industry and transport, infrastructure in the global markets for more than 130 years, ABB is also among the most-trusted electric vehicle charging stations manufacturers in India. The company mostly sells the electric chargers in the form of cyberex digital single-phase and three-phase charger, highway and en-route fast chargers among others.


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5. EVQpoint

EVQpoint brings in 3.3 kW AC charging station, DC chargers for e-rickshaws, electric scooters, e-autos as well as the battery swapping stations. All of the products of EVQpoint are designed, developed and produced in India.

6. BrightBlu

BrightBlu is founded from the merger of DrivAMP – a smart charging tech company and Asia Electric – an EV charging solutions provider in August 2019. BrightBlue introduces AC Type-2 Charger together with the charging management software for India.

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7. Magenta Group

The company operates with products like “ChargeGrid” – the EV charging stations for homes, apartments and commercial places, which allows an open charging network connected with a mobile application and command centre.

8. RRT Electro Powwer (P)

Started in 1992, RRT Electro Powwer (P) manufactures various power-related products like Battery charger, DC to DC converter, DC fast charging station, electric soft starters for DC motor, DC-DC converter-based battery-powered vehicles and more.

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