RTO Kerala: Complete List of RTO Offices in Kerala, RTO Vehicle Registration & Contact Details

by IndianAuto Team | 03/04/2020
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For those who are going to have your vehicle registered at the RTO office in Kerala, this article will provide all you need to know about the contact information, functions, and RTO Kerala vehicle registration details.

1. List of RTO Offices In Kerala

Regional Transport Office (RTOs) are arms of the Motor Vehicles Department responsible for organising and keeping the database of drivers and vehicles across the states in India. The government of Kerala established Kerala Transport Motor Vehicles Department after the Motor Vehicle Acts was formed in 1988.

There are 18 RTO offices in Kerala 

Currently, there are 18 RTO offices in Kerala. Here are the details of each Kerala RTO, including the RTO code, locations, contact numbers, online website, among others.

RTO Kerala Locations

RTO Codes

Address & Pincode

Contact Numbers

1. RTO Trivandrum


Transport Bhavan, East Fort, Fort PO, 695023


2. RTO Kollam


Civil Station, Anandavalle-swaram, 695013


3. RTO Pathanamthitta 


Parayil Building, College Rd, Makamkunnu PO, 689645 


4. RTO Alappuzha


Civil Station, Civil Station P.O., Alappuzha. PIN: 688001


5. RTO Kottayam


Civil Station, Collectorate PO 686002


6. RTO Idukki


Civil Station, Kuyilimala, Pinav PO, 685603


7. RTO Ernakulam


2 Floor, A 3 Block, Civil Station, Kakkanad, Ernakulam - 682030


8. RTO Thrissur


Civil Station, Ayyanthole PO, Thrissur, 680003


9. RTO Palakkad


Civil Station, S Fort Rd, Kenathu- parambu, Kunathurmedu 678002


10. RTO Malappuram


Civil Station, Uphill, Malappuram 676505


11. RTO Kozhikkode


Civil Station, Malaparamba 673020


12. RTO Wayanad


Civil Station, Kalpetta, North Kalpetta PO 673122


13. RTO Kannur


Civil Station, Edapally-Panvel Highway, Kannur 670002


14. RTO Kasaragod 


Civil Station, Vidyanagar PO, 671123


15. RTO Nationalized Sector


Civil Station, Kudapanakunnu, Trivandrum 


16. RTO Attingal


AMC 16/218(1), Avittam Complex, Mamam, Attingal PIN:695104


17. RTO Muvattupuzha


Mini Civil Station, Pazhapally, Mudavoor PO, 686669


18. RTO Vadakkara


Mini Civil Station, Vadakkara Town, Kozhikkode, 673101


Office Timings: 10:00 AM - 17:00 PM

Email address: tcoffice@keralamvd.gov.in

Official website: https://mvd.kerala.gov.in/


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2. What are the functions of RTO Offices In Kerala?

Just like any RTO office in India, the RTO Kerala is in charge of issuing driving licenses, collecting road taxes, and provides other personalized registrations. Below are details of each function performed by RTO offices in Kerala.

RTO Kerala vehicle registration details:

  • Issue and renew Registration Certificate for Motor Vehicles

  • Transfer Vehicle Ownership

  • Enter/Terminate of Hire-Purchase/Lease/Hypothecation in R.C. Book

  • Update Registration Certificate

  • Issue Temporary Registration Certificate

  • Issue No Objection Certificate (NOC)

  • Issue and renew of Trade Certificate

  • Issue Vehicle Fitness Certificate

  • Permits

RTO Kerala licence details:

  • Conduct driving tests and issue licenses

  • Renew Driving License

  • Issue International Driving License

  • Add a new class of Vehicle to Driving License

  • Issue and renew Motor Driving School license and

  • Issue and renew professional Driving Instructor's License

  • Issue Conductor's License

RTO Kerala tax details:

  • Collect Motor Vehicle Tax

  • Collect IMV fees

  • Departmental Action Cases

Apart from the functions mentioned above, RTO is also responsible for inspection of vehicles at checkpoints as well as taking care of CNG/LPG conversion and testing.

3. RTO Kerala Vehicle Information On Registration and Renewal

Types of Vehicle Registration at RTO Kerala

It is compulsory for every car plying on roads to be registered at RTO offices. RTO offices, therefore, are responsible for the registration process as well as other related papers. Kerala RTO offices take care of issuing two types of vehicle registrations, which are:

  • Temporary Vehicle Registration

  • Permanent Vehicle Registration

You can apply for both permanent and temporary registration at every RTO office. The registration of new vehicles should be initiated in 7 days after the day of purchase.

Required documents for permanent vehicle registration in Kerala RTO

  • Address proof

  • Passport-sized photos of the owner

  • Form A

  • Form 20, Form 22

  • Sales Certificate Form 21

  • Vehicle insurance

  • Vehicle physical inspection

  • Temporary RC (if any)

  • Customs clearance certificate (in case of imported vehicle)

Required documents for temporary vehicle registration in Kerala RTO

  • Address proof

  • PAN card copy of vehicle owner/Form 60 or 61 (applicable one)

  • Form 20

  • Sales Certificate Form 21

  • Roadworthiness Certificate Form 22

  • Tax Invoices

  • Vehicle insurance

  • PUC

Required registration documents for registration renewal in Kerala RTO

Besides vehicle registration issuance, RTO Kerala also accounts for the process of the outdated registration certificate renewal and ownership transfer.

To apply for vehicle registration renewal, one must submit:

  • Address proof

  • Form 25

  • Road tax receipt

  • Old Registration Certificate

  • Vehicle physical inspection

  • Insurance

  • PUC

Please do note that it requires an application fee to get the vehicle registered and re-registered at every RTO in India, including Kerala offices. After submitting the necessary documents to RTO, you should receive an RC with the validity varying from three to five years.

That concludes our list of RTO offices in Kerala with RTO Kerala contact numbers, codes, addresses, online website, functions, and vehicle registration details.

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