Watch Maruti Gypsy Clamber Up Steep Hill While Ford Endeavour And Others Fail

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 19/01/2021
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The Maruti Gypsy is one of the icons in the Indian automotive industry. Known for it's exceptional go-anywhere capabilities, today we have this video which sees the Gypsy easily climb up a steep hill.

India has a huge adoration for SUVs, but only a small section of owners actually explore the limits of their vehicles. Customers’ main priority to buy an SUV in India is the high ground clearance, raised view, and the imposing road presence that comes with it. Fortunately, an increasing number of owners are starting to test their SUVs abilities and that has led to the rise of off-road adventure zones where with the help of experienced off-roaders they can go proper off-roading. Today we came across this video where a Maruti Gypsy, Isuzu V-Cross, Toyota Fortuner, Ford Endeavour, and few others are getting their wheels dirty.


Matte Black Modified Maruti Gypsy Looks Ready To Tackle The Unknown

The video above has been uploaded by Anshuman Bishnoi on YouTube, and we can see a few SUVs try to climb a steep off-road section next to a corner. The obstacle has been specifically developed for this particular video by Off-Road Adventure zone in Gurgaon, Haryana. The Maruti Gypsy was the first vehicle to tackle the section after the driver assessed the area. The driver then stuck it in reverse to have enough of a run-up.

The Maruti Gypsy then launched with a full-throttle and easily climbed the section, which did not look that hard until the Isuzu D-Max V-Cross tried it next. The V-Cross driver tried a similar approach of full acceleration but the SUV lost traction halfway up. The V-Cross couldn’t get up the second time as well and got beached up a couple of times also because of its long wheelbase. The Mahindra Thar was next, but it failed as well. The climb had some moisture in the surface, making finding traction difficult for the vehicles. The Ford Endeavour in the group was the only other SUV to have climbed up the section without multiple failed attempts.

One may wonder in a group of such expensive and tech-laden 4x4s, how the old Maruti Gypsy was the only one to climb the obstacle with such ease? This is because the Gypsy sits on a much shorter wheelbase than the others and is quite lighter as well. The short wheelbase endows the Gypsy with good break-over angles that make it easy to climb the obstacle with ease while the lightweight makes sure it doesn’t get bogged down in the middle of the climb.


Modified Ford Endeavour gets Custom Wide Body Kit to Look Brawny

The driver of the Maruti Gypsy has to be commended as well. His experience and skill were the other factors as he knew how to maintain momentum up the climb. The Endeavour was the only other SUV to climb the obstacle successfully. Even though it doesn’t have either of the Gypsy’s traits, its torquey diesel engine helped carry much of the weight.

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