Maruti Swift Modified To Look Like Swift Sport In Just Rs 90k [VIDEO]

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 18/06/2020
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Getting your hand on a Suzuki Sport Sport in India is nearly impossible. However, one can modify a Maruti Swift to look like a Swift Sport

Maruti Swift is one of the best-selling hatchbacks in the country. Maruti has sold more than 2.2 million copies of the Swift till date since it went on sale in 2006 for the first time in the country. Swift is highly loved by the Indian audience for its driving dynamics and sporty looks. Let us not forget the peppy engine that is one of the best we have seen in this segment. For the same reasons, Swift enjoys a cult following around enthusiasts. Therefore, a lot of them can be seen customized to a great extent. However, we came across one, which looks like Swift Sport, which is the performance-oriented version of the hatchback and is sold in international markets.


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We saw this mod job in a YouTube video that was uploaded by JJ Automobile Vlogs. The Swift in the video above is modified to mimic the appearance of the Swift Sport. It boasts of a beefier stance now and is an eye-candy for sure. Starting with the changes that have undergone in transforming this Swift VXi to Swift Sport is primarily a body kit. The kit comprises of a front bumper that is beefier in comparison to the regular Swift. A splitter is also fixed beneath the front bumper to give it a ground-hugging look. On the sides, it gets a set of skirts fixed on its rocker panels.

The rear fascia gets a Swift Sport bumper with twin exhaust ports in the diffuser at the lower end. The rear facet also gets a big wing mounted on the trunk gate to aid it with extra downforce. The headlamps have also been replaced with those seen on the top-spec ZXi+ trim of the Swift. The tail lamps, on the other hand, are replaced with aftermarket units that have a Mercedes-Benz like glow-pattern.

Maruti Swift Modified To Look Like Swift Sport In Just Rs. 90k [VIDEO]


What is the Suzuki Swift Sport Doing in India?

To fill the wheel wells nicely, this Swift gets a set of 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in low-profile rubber. However, we are not aware if things are souped-up under its hood as well. On the inside, it does get a Tesla style aftermarket touchscreen. According to the video host, the cost of this complete modification is Rs. 90,000, excluding the price of alloy wheels. The overall look of the car with Swift Sport’s body kit in place is worth the money that the owner has spent over it.

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