Modified Toyota Fortuner With Tesla 360-Degree Camera And Infotainment System

by Mohammed Burman | 27/12/2019
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A Toyota Fortuner has been customized with a Tesla-sourced 360-degree camera and infotainment system. Read on to discover.

Launched in the Indian auto market in 2005, the Toyota Fortuner has created a certain prestige and become one of the most popular full-size SUV in the Indian auto market. The SUV later got a model update in 2015, when it was introduced with a more futuristic appearance and a more well-equipped cabin. However, some people want to have an even more pleasant experience from the SUV. They, therefore, modify the car according to their preferences. Here is one such customized Toyota Fortuner with the addition of a Tesla-sourced 360-degree camera and infotainment system.

This modified Toyota Fortuner has been equipped with a Tesla 360-degree camera and infotainment system

Uploaded by on YouTube channel 'Vig Auto Accessories’, this video shows the latest-gen Fortuner which has been equipped with an aftermarket 360-degree camera system which consists of four cameras which capture a complete 360-degree view. The first one is equipped on the front grille, right under the Toyota logo, and the second is one is positioned in the car's rear. The other two are packed under the left and right rearview mirrors. The camera has good clarity and is well-positioned with an excellent view of the surroundings so that the driver can find it easier to park and drive in the traffic jams during rush hours. Noteworthily, when the driver turns on turn indicator, the camera of this side will show all the surroundings and the driver can realize any obstacles in front of the car.

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The 360-degree camera is supported by a massive Tesla infotainment screen which also belongs to the customization package. The screen displays all the important information like air conditioning controls and also supports Android Auto and CarPlay connectivity. The screen can also play videos and has an inbuilt 64 GB and 4GB RAM internal storage. The Tesla media player also has very impressive audio quality.

modified toyota fortuner tesla camera infotainment

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The Toyota Fortuner is one of the best-selling luxury SUVs in India and it has held this status for almost a decade. The vehicle is available with multiple engine and transmission options along with an AWD system on the higher-spec variants. It is priced in the range of Rs. 27.83 lakh to 33.85 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

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