Here Is One Of The Boldest Modified Toyota Fortuner SUVs Around

by IndianAuto Team | 19/04/2019
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Thanks to the modification job done by Metalsmith, a last-gen modified Toyota Fortuner from Punjab looks bold and aggressive.

Being one of the most popular premium SUVs in India, the Toyota Fortuner has been associated with a lot of good qualities such as an aggressive appearance, a top-notch cabin, powerful motor options, decent off-roading abilities. Besides, it is also Toyota’s great reputation for engine reliability which has contributed to the popularity of the SUV.

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The Toyota Fortuner has experienced two generations in its lifetime in India. Although the latest generation is a breakthrough in comparison with the outgoing one, the Indian SUV auto customers, especially off-road enthusiasts, seem to prefer the previous one because of its lighter weight and the more robust appearance. Recently, a car customizer in Punjab, Metalsmith, has come with a modified version of the first-gen Toyota Fortuner, which makes it look much more contemporary.

To be more specific, the modification job to the front includes a new grille, new headlamps with orange-yellow LED DRLs and a wide bumper which has been specifically designed for off-roading with an LED light bar. All of these features contribute to the more aggressive look of the SUV.

2009 toyota fortuner modified white and black front

All the modified features give the Toyota Fortuner an aggressive front.

On the side profile, it is equipped with a snorkel to increase the SUV’s practicality even under the water to a considerable extent. The roof gets four LED lights which serve the purpose of helping the driver see more clearly in the dark. Moreover, the window visors and upgraded side steps have also been added to the vehicle to make it look more attractive. The SUV now rides on new two-tone alloy wheels instead of traditional stock alloy units and comes with large off-road spec tyres.

2009 toyota fortuner modified white and black side profile

Various modifications have also been done to the side profile of the modified Toyota Fortuner SUV

Coming to the rear, you can also realize some modifications which have been done to the car which include a new pumper, a bigger spoiler and revised taillights. The previous model’s white paint scheme has been maintained, but now, it features a dual-tone white-and-black colour, thanks to the black bumper, the black snorkel and the black window visors.

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Mechanical customization done to the SUV has not been revealed yet, but it is no surprise if the SUV has been tweaked a little bit as regards the engine and transmission to improve the power/torque output. But we are sure that this modification job has helped the Toyota Fortuner to look unique with a wide range of modifications done to all the sides of the SUV and is one of the most successful modification jobs done to Fortuner SUV.

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