Modified Fiat Uno Looks WILD and WACKY with 8 Wheels

by Harish Kumar | 21/06/2020
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The makers of this modified Fiat Uno must have been a little crazy when equipped the car with 8 wheels.

While the Fiat Uno is now a rare sight on the Indian roads, it used to be a moderately popular hatchback car in India backs in the days. In India or even worldwide, Fiat has been well-known for producing fun small cars. Fiat Uno was one typical example. While the Uno has been a fun-to-drive car itself, some people think its original euphoria is far from enough. Here is crazily modified Fiat Uno that has transformed into an 8-wheeler and it looks wild and peculiar.

modified fiat uno 8 wheels rear three quarters

The Fiat Uno looks weird with the extra set of wheels at the rear.

The Fiat Uno has been modified by the Russia-based modified car garage, Garage54, who is known for their one-of-its-kind modification jobs. As inspired by a photo sent in from a fan, the creators decided that they need to equip the Fiat Uno with 8 running wheels. It may look outlandish in nature and most parts of the 8-wheel modification couldn’t do much in terms of practicality. However, one can’t deny driving in such an 8-wheel car is fun-filled and can turn a lot of heads.

The video uploaded by Garage54 shows us how the Fiat Uno has experienced the “cosmetic surgery” to receive the mod jobs. A major portion of the Uno has been cut out to squeeze in an extra set of wheels. The modified Fiat Uno now even gets axles at the rear with one being stack above the two, giving the hatchback a total of eight wheels. Interestingly, there’s no power sent to any of the three rear axles and it is essentially a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Another funny thing is that the two wheels in the lower parts move in a forward direction while the uppermost wheels run in the reverse direction.


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modified fiat uno rear three quarters right side

The eight-wheel car looks funny from the outside but is not really comfortable to drive.

The engine of the car remains untouched, which means the modified Fiat Uno has to work overtime to handle the extra load of the added axles and wheels without any support.


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Driving in a car with 8 wheels looks intriguing from our side but the driver’s experience is really not so good. Not only didn’t the extra wheels do much to enhance the car’s overall riding quality but the car offers less comfort than normal as well. We can hear the noise from engines and front wheels that work hard to push the modified Fiat Uno running, especially with all that weight from the contact patch area of the extra tires.

modified car with 8 wheels

The modified Fiat Uno was inspired by an image of another modified 8-wheeler car sent by fans in Russia.

There’s also not a suspension setup in the rear that can be extremely troublesome provided that you’re driving such cars in rough roads of India. Luckily, there might not be these kinds of modified cars plying on the Indian roads as such modifications are illegal in our country.


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Functioning more or less as it can be, this modified Fiat Uno is still able to garner a lot of eyeballs along the drive. That said, you certainly don’t need something like a gold wrap to catch the eyes and turn the heads these days. A small Fiat Uno in red colour with more than four wheels are just enough.

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