Modified Wagon R:  Best Examples of Modified Wagon R Car in India

by Harish Kumar | 02/08/2020
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For a typical tall boy hatchback car like Maruti Wagon R, design is never one of its winning cards. However, the table has been turned around with these six examples of modified Wagon R.

Of the longest-severing hatchback cars in India, the Maruti Wagon R is a loveable hatchback. Ever since it’s inception, the Wagon R has established itself as the true success story of Maruti Suzuki in Indian land. The tall boy has been a favourite choice for not only the first time car buyers but also many modified cars enthusiasts in the Indian space. Of the modified version of Wagon R ever built, here are five best examples of modified Wagon R that will make you awestruck right at first sight. Check it out now.

The Dazzling Red

Maruti Wagon R is a typical tall boy hatchback car that is rather known for its practicality but never its look. One can’t deny that the stock version of Wagon R looks a bit simple, especially for the older-gen models. However, this modified Wagon R has been given some interesting modifications that really spruced up things around the way the car looks.

modified wagon r red colour front three quarters

The outgoing stock grille of the car has been removed, making space for an all-new blacked-out unit. The headlamps have been upgraded to projector ones combined with LED daytime running lamps. Under the dazzling shade of red, the modified Wagon R looks stunning and it also gets custom body kit including the front bumper lip, aftermarket side skirts along with wider profile tyre and new alloy wheels.


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The Smooth Sailor

Next up in the list of modified wagon r car in India is a special car that, albeit looks modest, is very friendly and convenient for the drivers on the rough road. You know that the Wagon R is a practical car but it does struggle a bit to handle rough road which is apparently quite a common sight in our country.  However, this modified Wagon R has worked out its ways to tackle this problem, thereby transformed into an off-road friendly Wagon R.

modified wagon r smooth sailor front angle

The grille and bumper of the car have been redesigned while the headlamps have been upgraded to a full LED setup. The body of the Wagon R has been slightly amended as well with the flared wheel arches giving the car a more crossover-ish look.

The Blue Eyes

modified wagon r white colour front three quarters

If you want a lot of head turns on the way you go to, this modified Wagon R is just the right option for you. Wearing a white cover that is accentuated by blue splitters on the bumper and headlamps, the modified Wagon R looks pure and elegant but classy enough to grab the eyeballs on the go. The “blue eyes” headlamps look prominent on the car’s front end. The modified hatchback also receives fancy-looking red-coloured alloy wheels that make a contrasting effect.


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M Power

It is certain that Suzuki and M Power share no commonalities with each other, except for a set of four wheels. However, this Maruti Suzuki Wagon R does match the M Power kit pretty well.

modified wagon r m power front angle

The modified Wagon R features a reworked front face along with new mesh grille that embraces an iconic “M Power” badge. There’s also a splitter at the front while the LED daytimes running lamps look quite interesting below the headlamps setup.

Sporty Tall Boy

modified wagon r front three angle image 5

Sourced from Kerala – the “land of modified cars”, this modified Wagon R gets a very sporty look. First thing first, the modified Wagon R features a huge aftermarket mesh grille that houses a “Type R” badge on one end.

To make it look bolder, the “Suzuki” letters have been embossed on the bonnet of the car, combined with a tweaked bumper, refreshed fog lamps and aftermarket alloys.


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modified wagon r stingray front three quarters

Red and blue seem to fit the Wagon R very well as we’ve seen the modifier add these two colours on the modified Wagon R cars, including this vehicle. The model featured here is a Wagon R Stingray which is already a sportier version of the Wagon R. The aftermarket bumper with some custom red and blue stripes on the bonnet surely helps the Stingray gain more attention.

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