Parking Rules and Fines in Pune

by Kshitij Rawat | 31/01/2020
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Check out our article to know about Parking Rules and No Parking Fines in Pune, Maharashtra.

With the enforcement of Motor Vehicles [Amendment] Act last year, Police have been cracking down hard on motorists who disobey the law. While the decision is surely a welcome one for improving road safety, there is one huge problem. A lot of people are still unaware (or at least partially unaware) of traffic rules in India. The biggest portion of that includes parking rules in Pune. A lot of people tend to park their vehicles either carelessly or dangerously, both of which usually making the act illegal. Thus you’ll attract fines from the cops, which are quite expensive nowadays.

No parking fines in Pune

Dear readers, if you aren’t aware of the parking rules and no parking fines in Pune, don’t fret! We have you covered! Below we have listed all the parking rules and regulations you need to keep in mind, along with the challan costs for violating them.

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Parking Rules in Pune

No Parking in Pune

Go through our list below to understand all the rules and regulations related to parking in Pune, Maharashtra:

Parking in a No Parking Zone:

You are not allowed to park a vehicle at any place where there is a traffic sign prohibiting parking. Additionally, any traffic sign or notice signifying a particular type of vehicle parking (light motor vehicles, heavy motor vehicles, two-wheelers, etc) should be followed.

Parking on a footpath:

Not only traffic, but you should also take care not to obstruct pedestrians. Footpath is for walking, not for parking. You are not allowed to park your vehicle either partially or completely blocking a footpath.

Parking on a pedestrian crossing:

Just like for footpaths, you should also take care not to park on or near a zebra crossing. Parking on a crossing would inconvenience pedestrians, while parking immediately before or after one will cause hindrance for oncoming traffic to notice people crossing the street.

Parking on a street corner:

Parking right before or after a turn is quite dangerous, not only or you but for other drivers as well. Parking after a turn can cause a vehicle coming behind you to rear-end your vehicle. Parking before a turn might cause traffic behind you to steer into the oncoming lane to avoid you, thereby increasing chances of an accident to other road users. As such, you are not allowed to park on turns and corners.

Parking on a Bus Stop:

Causing hindrance to public transport is also a serious offence. Parking near or at a Bus Stop (except in the designated parking lot) is not allowed.

Parking in front of a gate or an entrance to any premises:

In case you park at the entrance of a school or a hospital, your vehicle might be instantly towed away. If you park at the entrance or at the gate of any private property, you can still be fined and your vehicle can be towed away if complained by the owner of the property.

Parking on a bridge:

Bridges are only for crossing obstacles. Parking your vehicle on a bridge (except if there is a designated stop-lane at one or both sides of the bridge) will cause inconvenience to other people crossing the bridge.

Parking at intersections/roundabouts:

Usually intersections and roundabout are extremely busy due to heavy flow of traffic in different directions. There’s a high chance of an accident when parking your vehicle in such areas. That’s the case if the police don’t catch you first!

Double parking:

If there is a car already parked on the side of the street, you shouldn’t park your vehicle parallel to it on the other side of the street. Even if you park properly, if you create a bottleneck on the street, it will cause obstruction to the flow of traffic. You could park your vehicle behind the other parked vehicle, but only if it doesn’t cause inconvenience to other road users.

Parking near a signal:

For smooth traffic flow, it is essential for people to be able to see traffic lights. Also, the left lane should ideally be left free for left turns. You are not allowed to park your vehicle near a traffic signal.

Parking or abandoning the vehicle in a way that obstructs traffic:

In general, you should avoid parking in any spot that causes direct or indirect obstruction to the flow of traffic. In case your vehicle stops working or develops a fault, you should carefully bring it to the side of the road. If you abandoning your vehicle in the middle of the road, regardless of any problem it may have developed, it will be towed away by authorities.

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Parking Fines in Pune

No Parking Challan in Pune

A complete breakdown of the fines for traffic violations is provided in the table below:

Parking Offence

Parking Fine

No Parking Zone

Rs. 200

Parking on a footpath

Rs. 200

Parking on a pedestrian crossing

Rs. 200

Parking on a turn

Rs. 200

Parking on a Bus Stop

Rs. 200

Parking in front of a gate

Rs. 200

Parking on a bridge

Rs. 200

Parking at intersections/roundabouts

Rs. 200

Double parking

Rs. 200

Parking near a traffic signal

Rs. 200

Parking or abandoning the vehicle in a way that obstructs traffic

Rs. 200

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This concludes our list of “No Parking Fines in Pune”. If there are fines and rules in other cities you wish to know about, or if you’d like to know more about traffic rules in Pune, feel free to reach out to us or comment below.

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